Schmähkritik classic: Autoren vs. Autoren – “That’s not writing, that’s typing.”

Die amerikanische Kulturseite Flavorwire hat die 30 schönsten Beleidigungen der Literaturgeschichte zusammengestellt – und zwar nach dem Prinzip Bitchfight, also Autor vs. Autor.

Lesenswert in Gänze
, hier ein paar Highlights:

* Truman Capote über Jack Kerouac:
“That’s not writing, that’s typing.”

* Friedrich Nietzsche über Dante Alighieri:
“A hyena that wrote poetry on tombs.”

* Vladimir Nabokov über Fjodr Dostojewski:
“Dostoevky’s lack of taste, his monotonous dealings with persons suffering with pre-Freudian complexes, the way he has of wallowing in the tragic misadventures of human dignity — all this is difficult to admire.”

* Vladimir Nabokov über Ernest Hemingway:
“As to Hemingway, I read him for the first time in the early ‘forties, something about bells, balls and bulls, and loathed it.”

* H. G. Wells über George Bernard Shaw:
“An idiot child screaming in a hospital.”

* Lord Byron über John Keats: “Here are Johnny Keats’ piss-a-bed poetry, and three novels by God knows whom… No more Keats, I entreat: flay him alive; if some of you don’t I must skin him myself: there is no bearing the drivelling idiotism of the Mankin.”

* Mark Twain über Jane Austen:
“I haven’t any right to criticize books, and I don’t do it except when I hate them. I often want to criticize Jane Austen, but her books madden me so that I can’t conceal my frenzy from the reader; and therefore I have to stop every time I begin. Every time I read ‘Pride and Prejudice,’ I want to dig her up and hit her over the skull with her own shin-bone.”

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