RIP Bobby Hutcherson

Out to Lunch ist ein Rätsel fürs Leben. Beim Gespräch mit Bobby Hutcherson waren Lösungen dafür kein Thema. Aber seine Freundschaft mit Eric Dolphy.


Im Sommer 2007 trat Bobby Hutcherson bei einem Festival in Norddeutschland auf. Dort arbeitete ich, noch ganz ohne Gedanken daran, einmal regelmäßig über Musik zu schreiben. Seit ein paar Jahren beschäftigte mich die Musik von Eric Dolphy und die Faszination an Out to Lunch schwindet wahrscheinlich nie. Bobby Hutcherson hat auf diesem Album entscheidend mitgewirkt, er war der erste Weggefährte von Eric Dolphy, dem ich begegnete. Das Gespräch war sehr kurz, hier ein paar Zitate.


Bobby Hutcherson (1941 – 2016)


… sich als Vorbild, auch in Stilfragen

I wish people would dress as though it’s a special occasion. A long time ago the people used to get really dressed to come to hear the music and it would make it special and the musicians would wear special things. Not to where it gets to the situation where you wear just an old T-shirt and some dirty tennis shoes and get up and play. The music should be presented in a special way so that you feel special. I try to being a good example. If you try to be an example, then if you get one person to realize what you’re doing and how you watch I think that works out the best. If you win one person it’s better than trying to win ten at one time.

… Üben und Spielen

I’ve always thought about playing the vibraphone without the instrument. So if you practice without the instrument then if you have the instrument to practice you have all the more to go with.

Jazz legend Bobby Hutcherson, seen at his home in Montara in 2009, passed away Aug. 15 (John Green/Staff)

Foto: John Green

… seine Freundschaft mit Eric Dolphy

It was very exciting to play with Eric. I knew Eric before I was playing. My sister was a singer and Eric Dolphy was my sister’s boyfriend. She met Eric when he was playing in Gerald Wilson’s big band. So I knew him before I even played and then it wasn’t until I came to New York that he realized that I was playing music and we met each other in Brooklyn. He came to the club where I was working with Jackie McLean and I was really happy to see him. He asked ,could I start playing with him’ and I said of course, we were good friends already. By that time the thing of us playing together was something extra because of our friendship. And Eric used to call me, he would tell me his dreams and he would call me and then even come to my house and we would work on what he had dreamt. Before we started playing Alfred Lion asked me ,what do you think of me recording Eric?’ and I said I thought it was gonna be a wonderful idea because Eric was really playing different and doing something knew – it needed to be documented plus, I felt really very close to him.


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