The Beautiful Game

It took a team led by Dutch Captain, Dutch Coach, French and Croatian scorers and an injured Dutch superstar to bring back what was seemed lost: you play football for 90 minutes and then the Germany wins.

I was not disappointed by the final score but mainly by the lack of effort by the United players. For both teams it was also a preparation for a crucial league game on the weekend and for the first 60 minutes it seemed like Bayern is preparing United for a game against Bolton, not Chelsea. There was nothing that I saw yesterday that can make me believe that Bayern can win next week.

Of course everything changes if Rooney is really hurt. It would be sad to lose but that’s why it is important to look at football through historical perspective: Munich was never a good city for United destinies. We have lost here much more.

meanwhile on a side note: throughout the game. there were major problem with the internet access at the stadium. We went to the person in charge and he just shrugged his shoulders and replied that there was no internet and there is nothing he could do. He claimed that there were too many journalists (really, it was Manchester United against Bayern Munich in the quarterfinals. What did they expect?) He never offered an apology for our struggle to work and send the articles back home.

I am writing this because I would like you to imagine such instance in June in South Africa. Can you imagine the rage and questioning of Western journalists about the stupidity of granting the games to a third world party?

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  1. if you look at the market value of the players Bayern München must have lost but money does not score 🙂
    By the way: It’s nice to be the underdog 😉 Looking forward on the return match tomorrow.

  2. hello Zeev…It is called „Murphys Law“…

  3. Matthias,

    Again, imagine this scene: Germany is finishing its game, the journalists are going to the press room to file their report, they finish and want to send it to their papers, very close to deadline, and then the South Africans organizers say: we are sorry, no Internet, too many journalists. Can you imagine the commentary in the Western media? Well, it happened in munich on Tuesday and it was quite nice to live without the Internet.

  4. JoJo, what game were you watching? I sat ten meters from the pitch. Rooney played a wonderful game and Bayern left four defenders around him even when it was kicking corners. I am willing to watch the tape with you and show you that Manchester was much better creating real chances. I agree that their effort was really bad and they played with arrogance as was displayed by Sir Alex changes.
    At the end, Bayern scored two goals from a deflection and from a horrible mistake. These two teams are not in the same league, even though Bayern deserved to win.

  5. with all due respect for the Champions League, I could really care less if the players come from outer space, or if the journalists are `western` or `southern`or `norhern` or whatever color….this years world cup is a victory for the `Black Continent` and maybe, a African team will come out on top…
    they would surely deserve it.

  6. Yes, it was a nice game. Especially van Bommel did good.
    I argree with your views about Western journalists.

  7. „Everything changes if Rooney is really hurt“ – ??? No – even if Rooney is as fit as he was the whole match you saw nothing of him except the first minute. ManU’s play was boring, uninspired and weak. For 89 minutes Bayern was the better team and so their win highly deserved.