Endangered Species

It was father’s day, so naturally I spoiled myself. Half day in the Spielplatz with Maya, and another half at a farm 30 kilometers from Berlin. I think I heard the word „Aba“ (father, in Hebrew) at least 500 times today. „Aba I want an ice cream“, „aba I want on the trampoline“, „aba I want on your shoulders“, „aba I want to listen to Connie“. As I said, it was father’s day.

We drove to the farm with a couple of friends who we really like. We actually love them, not just like. Since it was 30 miles from Berlin, it was obviously decorated with some Nazis. They weren’t a lot, but those who were there made sure to pock a look into me, to make sure that they were thinking that I am crossing a territory that I don’t belong to, and it will be better for all of us if I would return as soon as possible to Berlin with its fucking open minded people.

I was also thinking: It’s nice to look at monkeys in the park (though they were not included in the prospect).

We ended up the tour in a huge complex where you can take a tour among dinosaurs. I was thinking: I should watch out. In Germany dinosaurs don’t wait millions of years to reappear.


But hey, today is a day to celebrate love: 

Kommentare (2)

  1. Schade dass hier keine neuen Blog Einträge mehr kommen,
    vor allem weil heute der Blog wieder mal in der TAZZE angepriesen wurde.
    Wie kann man Mar Avrahami überreden wieder etwas beizutragen.

  2. For every cursed Nazi, you got a friend who supports you 🙂