Photo Guide Oktober

Photo Guide is a monthly blog with 20 of the best  photo exhibitions and new photo books. Highly subjective, off course. In October it features Award winners  and Frieze masters. This issue with Luc Delahaye, Jutta Hetta and Daido Moriyama. Book by David Rochkind with Dewi Lewis.

 School’s out ! Dakar 1985. Painted contact by William Klein, from the exhibition New York meets Tokyo at Tate Modern, London

CNA , New Luxembourg Photography Space; migratory cotton picker, Arizona 1940, © The Dorothea Lange Collection, OaklandMuseum

Lips by Daido Moriyama; from the exhibition Tights and Lips at Michael Hoppen Gallery, London. Courtesy of Hoppen and  Taka Ishii Gallery

Cinema, 1963, by Joel Meyerowitz, winner of the Lifetime Achievement   at the Lucie Awards 2012

Rag&Bone owner, 1986, by Tom Wood; from the exhibition Men and Women at the Photographers Gallery, London

Emily, 2860 Sunset Blvd, by Lise Sarfati; from the exhibition On Hollywood at Yossi Milo Gallery, New York,Courtesy Yossi Milo

Ambush, Ramadi, Iraq, 22 July 2006 by Luc Delahaye; winner of the 2012 Prix Pictet

Bicycle, 1970 -1973, by  William Eggleston from Frieze Masters. © Eggleston Artistic Trust. Coutresy Victoria Miro Gallery, London

Regina Schmeken, Die Nationalmannschaft, footballer Mesut Özil, Ukraine-Deutschland 2011, Martin Gropius Bau, Berlin

Düsseldorf 2010, by Arne Schmitt, from the exhibition Wenn Gesinnung Form wird , Sprengel Museum, Hannover

Walker Evans, Facade of House with Large Numbers, Denver, 1967 © Walker Evans Archive, Metropolitan Museum of Art SK Stiftung Kultur, Köln

Arno Fischer, Westberlin, 1958; © Erbengemeinschaft Arno Fischer from the exhibition Künstlerische Fotografie in der DDR 1949-1989 Berlinische Galerie

Cop Killer , 1941, from the exhibition Murder Is My Business © Weegee / ICP; Photo Museum Antwerp

Fast Foodies, Saturday Night, 2010, by Maciej Dacowicz, from the exhibition at the Third Floor Gallery, Cardiff

One man helps another man smoke crack, by David Rochkind; from the book Heavy Hand, Sunken Spirit  published by Dewi Lewis

London, 20 October, Protesters outside St Paul’s Cathedral prepare to take part in an  anti-austerity march; © Matt Dunham AP

Untitled by Jutta Hetta,from the exhibition Different Distances at the Swedish Institute, Paris

The London star photographer and dazed magazine owner Rankin with his exhibition Show Off, Düsseldorf, NRW Forum Culture

Nude, 1981, by Lee Friedlander; from  Paris Photo 2012 Courtesy of Pace McGill Gallery

Cherry Chill by Jessica Lange, winner of the Double Exposure Award at Lucie Awards 2012



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