My Favourite Records… mit Babyshambles

Zwölf Fragen zum eigenen Plattenschrank an die Babyshambles

1. your three favourite Punk singles/songs?
*The Clash – Clash City Rockers
*Sham69 – If the kids are united
*Buzzcocks – Orgasm Addict.

2. the best song 2007?

The RumbleStrips – „Alarm clock“, I love the northern soul horns.

3. the best jamaican ska song?
Desmond Dekker – 007

4. best concert you ever attended?
Blur – shepherds bush empire, 95 (parklife tour)
I was very young and impressionable

5. the worst band around?

Not into all that.

6. the best „new“ band right now?

Roses, Kings, Castles.

7. your favourite song by The Smiths?

Reel around the fountain

8. The Stone Roses, Happy Mondays or Primal Scream – which one do you prefer and why?

Stone Roses, followed by the Monadys, Roses had a much more focused grasp on songwriting, Mondays had a great swagger. Primal scream, doesn’t affect me…

9. the best song by The Clash?

White Riot

9. and which record will make you dance?

Roses, Kings, Castles – „Sparkling Boots“ (Fatboyslim remix)

11. your favourite german song/record?

Kraftwerk – The Model

12. your favourite record of all time?

The Stone Roses – The Stone Roses

(Adam Ficek, Babyshambles)

Die Babyshambles spielen in dieser Woche in Deutschland und Österreich:
* 22.1.: Köln
* 23.1.: Berlin
* 26.1.: Graz
* 27.1.: Wien
* 16.2.: München


Teil 1: Time For Heroes, Anfang 2005
Teil 2: Up The Bracket, Oktober 2002
Teil 3: The Gang Of Gin. And Milk., April 2006
Teil 4: Why Did You Break My Heart?, Mai 2006
Teil 5: Anywhere In Albion, September 2006
Teil 6: König wider Willen, Februar 2007
Teil 7: Das Ende des Konjunktiv

* Album des Monats Oktober: Shotters Nation

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