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Monarchie & Alltag

Neue Bands und wichtige Filme: „As long as the music’s loud enough, we won’t hear the world falling apart“.

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Die schwedische Indie-Pop-Band, die unser Album des Jahres 2006 geschrieben hat, teilt uns ihre Lieblingssongs mit…

Love Is All Nothing

*1. Your three favourite Punk singles/songs?*

* „no love lost“ by Joy Division
* „smashing time“ by Television Personalities
* „pervers politiker“ by Ebba Grön

*2. The best band/artist in Sweden right now?*

Walter Ego

*3. Your favourite song by Pete Doherty?

I like „Time for Heroes“

*4. The best remix of a song?*

I really like the remix Hot Chip made of our song „Felt Tip“

*5. The best record by a 60ies girl-group?*

not sure about records, but i have a compilation of songs produced by Joe Meek with various female singers… it’s called „Girls“ and it has a lot of excellent stuff.

*6. The best song of 2007?*

probably young folks by peter björn and john, but maybe that was 2006?

*7. Your favourite movie?*

„Annie Hall“ by Woody Allen

*9. A record that will make you dance?*

Anything by Kevie Kev

*10. Your favourite song by The Pastels?*

„Nothing to be done“!

*11. Your favourite german song/record?*

Right now i listen a lot to „La Duesseldorf“ and a weird record called „sogennantes linksradikales blasorchester“.

*12. Your favourite record of all time?*

Today i think the third Velvet Undergroud record, the one called simply „Velvet Underground“ where they sit on a couch on the front. i love that record but somehow lost it!

(Markus Görsch, Love Is All)

* 9 Times That Same Song
* Die zehn besten Songs 2006
* Die zehn besten Alben 2006

Zu Beginn des Jahres ist das Remix-Album Love Is All Mixed Up erschienen und in den nächsten Wochen spielen Love Is All einige Konzerte in Deutschland und Umgebung.

* 10.Sep.2008 Gleis 22, Münster
* 11.Sep.2008 Kulturwerk 118 Sursee, Lucerne
* 12.Sep.2008 Kiff Aarau,
* 13.Sep.2008 Queen Kong Club Neuchatel, Neuenburg
* 14.Sep.2008 Stall 6 Zürich

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* Indiepedia

Love Is All

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