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Monarchie & Alltag

Neue Bands und wichtige Filme: „As long as the music’s loud enough, we won’t hear the world falling apart“.

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„I double clicked on Bad Romance and I was away. Before even the first note struck, I knew I was going to be listening to one of the greatest pop records ever made and definitely one of the best two of the last decade.
Listening to an album by Lady Gaga is totally the wrong way to engage with her genius. It is only after Monster, Speechless and Dance In The Dark drift aimlessly by, that I knew what I should be doing. I should be watching clips of her on You Tube. I start with Bad Romance again. There is no point in me describing the video; you will have already seen it. There is no point in me trying to dissect it like I am some post-modern philosopher, which would only do it a disservice.
Next up is Paparazzi; it was when I first saw this video that I fell under the spell of the idea of Lady Gaga. When I first realised there was this girl out there in the world of pop, who had created her whole universe. A universe that seemed to be about nothing more than escapism but at the same time seemed to be about everything in world right there and then.

Then Bad Romance again for good measure. By now the viewing figures were up to 344,130,883. That means it has 2,776,284 more views since I watched earlier this morning. And it is this video that is the epoch defining one. The one that people in 200 years time will be watching in the equivalent of their art history lessons. For those that just see her as a piece of meat being exploited by men are missing something huge. She is one of the very few artists working in the mainstream of culture today, without compromising anything. She totally and completely understands her medium and she is total mistress of it.

And what makes it even better, is that you can see that she is basically a pretty plane girl under all the costumes and make up. A weak chin, a big nose and no great body to speak of. But she does not let any of that get in the way of her presenting herself as the ultimate woman in the world right now (or whenever it was a few months ago).
For a few weeks last year, Jimmy Cauty and I were in agreement that the only thing that could tempt us back into pop music would be to work with Lady Gaga. Jimmy even ventured the thought that he was surprised that she had not telephoned us yet.“

Bill Drummond, Gründer der Post-Punk-Band Big In Japan, ehemaliger Manager von Echo & The Bunnymen, Genie hinter The Justified Ancients Of Mu Mu und The KLF, 1-Million-Pfund-Verbrenner, Autor und Künstler über Lady Gaga im Rahmen seiner „Score 378: SELECT AN ALBUM“ – Performance:


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