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Monarchie & Alltag

Neue Bands und wichtige Filme: „As long as the music’s loud enough, we won’t hear the world falling apart“.

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Eine neue Rubrik im Popblog! „German Blind Date“ – ausländische Bands wagen sich auf deutsches Soundterrain und sprechen aufgrund ihrer gänzlichen Unkenntnis der deutschen Musikszene frei von Vorwissensbalast über heimische Bands!
In der ersten Folge die walisischen Tweecore-Heroen Los Campesinos! über tocotronic, blumfeld und andere!

1. Tocotronic – Let There Be Rock

YouTube Preview Image

Besides the slightly incongruous ‚Final Countdown‘ synth part that threatens to ruin the song, I quite like this. Sounds like Pavement covering Green Day’s ‚When I Come Around‘ or something, and the brass in the chorus is rather lovely. There should be more vocoders in pop music too. Hopefully there’s a version without the Europe riff, somewhere…

2. Mikrofisch – The Kids Are All Shite

Mikrofisch – The Kids Are All Shite

Kinda charming, bedroom indie-pop slagging off generic post-Strokesian bands. Like the Moldy Peaches with a drum machine, maybe. And while I can’t disagree with the sentiment of the lyrics, isn’t it a bit late now? Shouldn’t they turn their barbed tongues to something more relevant like, say, Chill-Wave and Dubstep and Witch House etc.? Either way, was relieved not to hear ‚Los Campesinos!‘ mentioned in the second verse. Maybe that’s on the next album…

3. 1000 Robota – Hamburg brennt

YouTube Preview Image

Uh oh: I hope Mikrofisch don’t hear about 1000 Robota, as this song fits rather neatly into the list of bands that get eviscerated in ‚The Kids Are All Shite‘. It’s scuzzy indie-rock with lots of ‚tude. It’s alright, I guess, but doesn’t do anything new or particularly exciting. They seem like they’re having a marvellous time, though, and doubt they give a shit what some nobody from a middling indie band like me thinks.

4. Blumfeld – Eine Eigene Geschichte

YouTube Preview Image

This has the best production of all the tracks, and the song’s kinda cool too: all urgent guitars and an unrelenting drum beat. The slightly chaotic, Mark E. Smith/Eddie Argos sing-speak delivery of the vocals adds to the excitement too, as it bounces all over the track. Wish I understood German, as this has the most interesting vocals of all the tracks.

5. Ja, Panik – Nevermind

YouTube Preview Image

If they’d double-tracked the vocals and played it on an acoustic guitar, I could compare this to Elliott Smith’s ‚Needle in the Hay‘, but it’s grungier than that. Again, I wish I understood what he was saying, as the earnest delivery of the vocals makes me think it might be kind of important. It’s good, though: nice minory melodies and a tense, patient build-up with a satisfying big, rock payoff at the end.

(Antworten: Tom von Los Campesinos!)

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Das neue Album der Los Campesinos! „Hello Sadness“ ist gerade erschienen:


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