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Jacinta Nandi ist eine superfeministische, alleinerziehende Engländerin, die über Deutschland und die Deutschen bloggt.

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The difference is white privilege

The difference is Lutz Bachmann is fucking white

The difference is Lutz Bachmann is a white guy oppressing non-white people, like no offence but DUR

The difference is non-white Germans aren’t allowed to talk about racism

The difference is non-white people aren’t even allowed to say anything is racism

The difference is even the most anti-racist white person gets personally offended when a non-white person says the word racist and they think it’s unfair

The difference is all those smug white Germans, smug white middle-class Germans, posting Buzzfeed quizzes about the difference between Xavier Naidoo and Lutz Bachmann and Erica Steinbach have no idea that white privilege is a thing

The difference is that white privilege is a thing

The difference is you have to be white to think that white privilege isn’t a thing

The difference is, yeah, he has Stockholm Syndrome

The difference is I kind of think he might as well go to Stockholm seeing as how he has Stockholm Syndrome (good one, Jacinta)

The difference is you have to have Stockholm Syndrome to survive as a non-white person in a racist society

The difference is all those white kids congratulating themselves on how Xavier Naidoo is more racist than them and they are so anti-racist, they’re gonna sign this petition so he won’t be sent to Stockholm, and they never got anything and had to be grateful for it. Like he had to be grateful and honoured and grateful to be the first dunkelhäutiger Person sent to the ESC. And they don’t know what that gratitude feels like, they don’t know how fucking exhausting it is, constantly being grateful, because they never felt grateful, because white people don’t need to feel grateful, because white people rule the world

The difference is Roman Polanski and all those white actors signing that petition saying he was allowed to rape a thirteen-year-old girl in the arse because he is a genius, the difference is Woody Allen, the difference is Charlie Sheen, the difference is white men are real artists and so they’re forgiven for anything. They’re forgiven for everything.

The difference is non-white people will never be obedient enough to make up for how much it annoys you that we exist, the difference is white privilege, the difference is you’d have to be white to think that white privilege doesn’t exist, that’s what the difference is.

I AM NOT SAYING I THINK XAVIER NAIDOO SHOULD GO TO STOCKHOLM. I kind of think he should, now, actually, now they’ve chosen him, like what are they gonna do? Have a Song for Europe competition again. But I also think the ARD were literally out of their minds for choosing such a controversial figure. I mean, I don’t give a shit about the 9/11 stuff, and I think it’s really pathetic of people to pretend to give a shit about the 9/11 stuff. I wouldn’t mind having a Bundespräsident who thought 9/11 was an inside-job. That is a thing people think – I don’t think it, because surely, all the Americans would’ve had to do was pay a few Arabic Americans to infiltrate Al-Qaeda and whisper to Osama one drunken night playing Strip Poker „Hey, I got a really good idea, let’s attack the Twin Towers!“ This would’ve been a much simpler plan than lining the towers with demolition and photoshopping a big aeroplane into the sky and paying actors to pretend to phone their parents and say I’m sorry Mum, I loved you so much or whatever people think they did. However, I think it’s a valid viewpoint and there is absolutely no reason whatsofuckingever why someone who thinks 9/11 was an inside-job shouldn’t „represent“ Germany. To be honest, I think one person „representing“ Germany is a weird idea. I think I’d just have it like: they shouldn’t have raped or murdered anyone and they should believe in the Holocaust. I can kind of understand why it upsets you guys so much that he doesn’t think Germany exists – like I get it, that it’s a bit Nazi – but I personally think he should be made to make an official statement that he likes gay people and Jewish people, thinks Germany is a real country, and then be allowed to go. But I also do think choosing him was such a Fehlentscheidung – they must’ve realized it was going to be such a controversial decision? No? And they should’ve thought about the gay stuff, tactically, I mean, although to be totally honest, I don’t think it’s gonna be a huge problem. He’s got a great voice and he’s probably gonna come in the top ten, if the song’s a good enough choice, and he might very well win.

But that’s not what I’m saying.

I’m also not saying that non-white people can’t be racist or should never be criticized or anything like that.

But I do think – I do think – I literally do think – I actually think this – I think white people shouldn’t enjoy criticizing the first non-white person chosen to represent Germany at the ESC for racism IN THAT WAY. They shouldn’t get that much pleasure out of it. They shouldn’t have a fucking Bash Naidoo party on Twitter and Facebook. THEY SHOULDN’T COMPARE HIM TO LUTZ BACHMANN LIKE RACISM ISN’T ABOUT WHITE PEOPLE OPPRESSING NON-WHITE PEOPLE. You shouldn’t pretend to yourselves that white privilege doesn’t exist.

I know I don’t know about the Nazi-Szene. I didn’t understand, for the life of me, why you can’t draw Zuckerberg as an octopus but you’re absolutely allowed to draw Muslims with hooked-noses and rucksacks on their backs or Mohamed fucking a pig or whatever. I accidentally joined an anti-paedo Facebook page that a German friend had to tell me was actually a Nazi page. It was something like „We think paedophilia is shit“, something like that, I was just like, yeah, okay, I’ll sign up to that. I don’t know anything about Nazis in Germany and I can’t imagine how upsetting it is for Germans when people say Germany isn’t an independent country anymore. Okay, I admit that. But you don’t know what it’s like to not be white. So criticize Xavier Naidoo. But you shouldn’t be so fucking smug about it. There’s nothing for you to be smug about here.

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  • Even if Naidoo’s personal history and his experiences of oppression might be a possible explanation for his weirdness, he is still saying weird stuff. Lutz Bachmann might not have experienced racism, but he is certainly also not at the winning end of society, being a former drug dealer and burglar. Does that make it acceptable for that little asshole to organize right wing demonstrations and to channel frustrations against foreigners? Absolutely not. Does XN’s history of experiencing racism (as I am sure he did, as Germany and many other European countries are quite racist) excuse his publicly displayed homophobia and antisemitism? I don’t think so either.

    And even if, there is a big difference between trying to understand why someone has weird theories and having that person representing a country at an international TV event. At least I cringe when Israeli media is reporting that Germany is sending an antisemite to the song contest (even though I would never watch that crap).

    His conspiracies go beyond just saying Germany is not an independent country. If you read about the people that he spoke to during a rally, you find that this „independence“ stuff quickly descends into the Jewish World Conspiracy enslaving Germany. It’s not like the UKIP argument of „the EU makes our laws“, but it’s hardcore nationalist crazy stuff. Luckily only very, very few nutcases believe in it, but giving one of their spokesperson such a big platform is dangerous.

  • dude, i can’t follow your logic (or see any), but i’m guessing, you are outraged about these „smug white middle-class Germans, posting Buzzfeed quizzes about the difference between Xavier Naidoo and Lutz Bachmann and Erica Steinbach“. in that case, you should get your facts straight:

    i totally can imagine, why anna dushime feels the need to compare naidoo to other racists and has the right to do so. also, if you really think, he should be allowed to *be* a racist or anitsemite or homophobic because he is a „dunkelhäutiger“ (a very inappropiate labeling in germany except by nazis, by the way, and not a qualifying criteria for his actual skills, kudos NDR), then you basically grant him *the same* defense as polanski’s friends did.

    as a smug white middle-class german with „Migrationshintergrund“, as they say, i sure hope, other smug white middle-class germans continue to criticize any person of color or any person of non-color for any inappropiate opinion, because if they don’t, Lutz Bachmann is all there is.

  • the problem is: a lot of conspiracy and right wing nutters are currently gaining momentum online. they lure people in with these commonplace non-controversial statements like that anti-paedophilia page and quickly you fall into a nazi rabbit hole of craziness and racism.

    that’s pretty scummy and that’s why they shouldn’t be given a platform.

    i mean maybe xavier naidoo really was just very naive when he talked at those people’s rally and with the other things he said. but he seems to have been drawn in by that same ideology or really not understand what he’s saying. either way, i wouldn’t want him to go to the esc.

    and then there is the smugness: well, of course there is. the smugness is also strong with those facebook posts about the paris attacks and putting a french flag over your profile pic. could that be a nice gesture? yes, but it is really abused by people to feel relevant, like oh i went to paris for holiday so i am so personally hit by these attacks. people just use it to make a statement about themselves, not about terrorism.

    i feel like this hypocritical show of being involved and caring as a form of self-representation is more of a general phenomenon of social media, and has nothing to do with white privilege.

  • i don’t really understand, do you think anna dushime, who authored the naidoo-bachmann-steinbach buzzfeed quiz, is a smug white, middle-class german? or are there other naidoo-bachmann-steinbach quizzes on buzzfeed that i missed?

  • Xavier Naidoo is not being criticized for racism, but for his homophobia, antisemitism and ideological closeness to right-wing conspiracy theorists. Of course, one could excuse his positions, as you try to do, on the basis that, as a Person of Color, his positions are just a coping strategy for his own oppression. As a “Person of Color” (which I theoretically am, though I do not refer to myself by this label), I find this highly offensive, as it suggests that our oppression (of which I have experienced plenty, and I am sure, Naidoo and you have too) prevents us from behaving like moral beings and absolves us from our hate against other marginalized groups. Naidoo’s positions, in particular, derive from his fundamentalist Christian faith much more obviously than from his oppression; interestingly, other PoC who sang for Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest (such as the Turkish-German group Sürpriz or the group No Angels, two of whose members were PoC at the time) managed to grow up with marginalization experiences presumably very similar to Naidoo’s without becoming homophobic, antisemitic right-wingers (as did I, and as did you). I am all for recognizing racism and the differing standards to which PoC are held as compared to white people, but if this involves defending someone as indefensible as Naidoo, then I want no part of it, and neither do any of my PoC friends and family.

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