„So we were out in the street, me and Jack, and we got in a fight with some kids, Mum.“


„Yeah, and the kids said: your parents vote AfD.“

„Yeah? That’s what they said to you? Your parents vote AfD?“

„Yeah, they were bad kids, like tough kids, and that’s just an insult people say.“

„That’s what kids say to each other to insult each other nowadays? Your parents vote AfD? We used to say things like: your mum goes to Tesco’s, that’s where she buys her best clothes.“

„And so I said no, my mum voted Linke.“

„Okay, I mean, you know, there is a Wahlgeheimnis in Germany but still.“

„So then one of the bad kids goes: your mum voted Linke, that means your mum wants my dad to lose his job.“

„That’s what one of the bad kids said?“

„So what was their dad’s job, Mum? Do you know? It must be a job the Linke-Partei are going to ban. What job do you think it is?“

„I dunno. Maybe their dad was like a CDU politician or something.“

„I couldn’t really ask because we were insulting each other but I really want to know.“


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  1. american true = me and Jack