Spoiler Alert

One thing I can’t understand is when you have a new baby and you see old friends in the street and you say hi look at my baby and they say hi, wow, your baby is so cute and you say I know and then they say and then they say and then they say THEN THEY ALWAYS SAY:

„Is he sleeping through the night?“


I mean „maybe“ my seven-week-old baby is sleeping through the night. It COULD happen, it could feasibly happen. Just like I could have a six-month-old baby who can already walk, or a toddler who can do their times tables, or a teenager who is so clever he’s been accepted into Cambridge University to do a Maths Ph’D like one of those freaky nerdy geniusy freak type people. Maybe. It could happen. It could feasibly happen. It is a thing that could happen, that is in the realms of reality. Things like that happen, well, not all the time, but, they do happen. Other things that happen, not, like, all the time, but do actually happen include the Geldautomat giving out twenty Euro scheins when it should be tens or you see Christoph Walz in the street and he asks you to go have coffee with him because he thinks you have a really cool hat on.

The only thing is: if something that amazing had happened to me, don’t you think I would mention it without you having to ask me? If I had some freak-of-nature genius child? I think I would fucking bring it up of my own accord.


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