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I did the following (amazingly brilliant) Facebook status update and five people (rather worryingly) thought I wasn’t being sarcastic:

„all those people calling the afd-ler nazis, don’t you know you’re the real problem? they’re not nazis, they’re just very angry people who’ve been left behind by mainstream politics and (totally coincidentally) happen to hate all muslims and refugees and non-white people and think we should be proud of German soldiers‘ achievements in WWII and stuff but come on, wake up, they’re not nazis, some of them don’t even have swastika tattoos on their foreheads so let’s stop being so judgemental, try to move forwards and listen to their non-nazi opinions about how all refugees are rapists, thank you“


People go on and on and on and on and ON AND ON about how the AfD voters are not racist, they’re jus tvery very scared. Full of FEAR AND ANXIETY AND ANGST AND DREAD. No racism whatsoever, just very, very, very scared people. The funny thing is, though, and I am not saying they’re racist, but it does seem to me like they’re not scared of heights or spiders or being confined in cupboards or driving on the motorway when a Wildschwein suddenly comes at you or horror films or clowns or horror film clowns or going to the dentist or flying in aeroplanes or death or cancer or ladybirds or butterflies or snakes or dragons or funfair rides or dogs. THEY ARE VERY MUCH NOT SCARED OF DOGS. The only thing they seem to be scared of is: THE OTHER, i.e. refugees, Muslims, brown people, in that particular order, I think. Now I am not saying that’s racist. I am not saying that’s racist. I am literally not saying that’s racist. The reason I am not saying it is racist IS BECAUSE IT IS SO BLATANTLY RACIST YOU DON’T NEED TO SAY IT IS. It’s just a fact, just like the fact that you should buy your formula milk at DM and not the Apotheke because it’s cheaper. It’s a fact so patently obvious that you don’t need to say it.

The only bigger fear in Germany than the AfD supporters fears of multiculturalism is the fear of calling AfDlers nazis or racists.  The idea is if nice, vaguely liberal Germans who aren’t that racist, don’t tell the people voting for Nazis that they’re being racist, for long enough, they will suddenly notice that not all refugees are rapists and stop being racist. I think that’s the plan. Also because most of them don’t gaze longingly into the mirror before they go to bed at night, screaming THANK GOD I AM WHITE I WOULD HATE TO BE BLACK OR BROWN BECAUSE BLACK AND BROWN SKIN LOOKS SHIT BECAUSE BLACK AND BROWN PEOPLE ARE INFERIOR MWAHHAHAHAH! therefore they’re not actually, actually, ACTUALLY racist, so don’t be mean. I mean, it’s true that any AfD supporters you actually get chatting to are fairly clear about what they think: they think Muslims don’t belong to Germany, they think refugees are all rapists, and they also think that thinking these things isn’t racist. But the idea that going along with it will melt their hearts and they’ll suddenly start volunteering at Flüchtlingsheime is bizarre at best and fairly perverse at worst. I also find it strange that people think the AfDler are so sensitive that they get really upset whenever anyone dares to suggest that the idea that anyone who votes for a far-right party might be a bit, gasp, gasp, shock, horror, controversial statement coming up now, well, RACIST, but strangely enough, the refugees themselves never get upset about anything they’re accused of? Rape, being in ISIS, systematically destroying German culture just by being here, like parasites attacking someone from within. Like the amount of energy nice, liberal, „non-racist“ German people spend proving that most of the 13% AfD voters are not actually racists compared with the amount of energy they spend claiming that not all refugees are rapists is telling. I suppose the big difference is that people think how refugees feel isn’t, er, important. And I’ll let you guys decide why that is.

Anyway, I am just busy loving my baby and changing his nappy and commenting on his poo and stuff. It’s just as well I am, because he poos a lot, and I’d be suicidal right now. This morning he did a really amazingly impressive thing with a muslin cloth, like he was waving it around in the air in a really brilliant, slightly genius and possibly incredibly advanced for his age manner. Have spent the entire day trying to get him to do it again, but he’s having none of it. I literally think I had my baby todistract myself from the world becoming so Nazi, I mean, er, an incredibly „fearful“ place.

And tonight I am reading with the Surfpoeten in Klub der Republik and tomorrow night I am reading at the last ever Rakete 2000 in Neukölln. Not the last ever Rakete – there will be plenty more but they’re going to be in Pankow! Soooooo see yous later and buy me a drink at the bar.

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