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Jacinta Nandi ist eine superfeministische, alleinerziehende Engländerin, die über Deutschland und die Deutschen bloggt.

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So people who know me well will know that, about once every three months, I have a recurring not-nightmare about marrying Prince Harry and converting him to republicanism. THEY ARE MY FAVOURITE DREAMS EVER: I just love them. I wake up all warm & fuzzy and it takes me AGES before the banal horrors of everyday life make me feel all cold and empty and grey and bleak and cementy inside again.

This dream inspired me to write the only poem I have ever had published which you can hear me reading here:

Anyways, ever since he got together with Meghan Markle (doesn’t her name seem made-up? Seriously, ever since Trump won the election I have suspected that I am actually asleep and I have dreamed/invented everything that has happened like I have slipped into a computer simulation of reality and everything that happens is actually my brain being crazy? Or maybe this is just a very, very long mushroom trip, i.e. 45 minutes only it seems like over a year. Meghan Markle THAT IS SUCH A MADE-UP NAME! IT’S THE KIND OF NAME I WOULD’VE MADE UP! I probably wouldn’t have come up with the shit about Russia though, so maybe this is real after all), I have not had one of my Horny Harry dreams and it has been most upsetting. I kind of thought that part of my life was over now. AND THEN THE OTHER DAY…..

„Oh, I’m so happy,“ I said to my German friend Klaus (TM).

„Why?“ He asked, curiously enough.

„I had another Harry dream! I converted him to republicanism again and then we had sex.“

„But what about his fiancée? Did your subconscious just repress her existence?“

„Oh, no, she was there too! And we lived together in perfect threesome harmony. We had this poly threeway marriage you see. It was, as all my Harry dreams are, one of the best dreams I have ever had!“


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