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Jacinta Nandi ist eine superfeministische, alleinerziehende Engländerin, die über Deutschland und die Deutschen bloggt.

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So, once, in a Facebook parenting group where you swap tips on how to raise kids who are resilient and have a growth mindset and want to learn from their mistakes and don’t give up easily and get discouraged and that, I said that I thought that maybe a four-year-old kid who hadn’t baked a muffin should get to take a muffin home. Even though they hadn’t baked one. I didn’t think they, like, desperately needed to be given a muffin to take home. I just thought if there were some left over, give a kid who wants a muffin a muffin. And I expressed the opinion that a four year old who doesn’t get a muffin for not joining in with baking might not then, at some future point in their life, say oh I really have to help bake muffins now because remember what happened to me last time. I expressed the opinion that, quite possibly, the four year old might forget the reason that they didn’t get a muffin or even the fact that they never got a muffin at all. The Facebook conversation then turned to the fairy-tale „The Little Red Hen“ and I happened to mention that I thought the little red hen (protagonist of said fairy-tale) should have probably made it clear to the other animals in the farmyard that she wanted them to help her out with her various tasks BECAUSE she had a bread baking project thing going on, like she should have told them what her future goals were. And, finally, I said: „I think The Little Red Hen would’ve had more fun sharing the bread anyway. I don’t really think it’s a happy ending for her, she’s all her own, with a huge loaf of bread she’s never going to be able to eat all by herself, and she’s a really bad communicator.“

And then came the response:


What’s the funniest thing you ever got told you were everything that is wrong with this generation for? Best answer can get a Gästelisteplatz to one of my brilliant Lesebühnes




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