Another Letter from Jerry (22)

Krieg bedeutet Frieden, Freiheit ist Sklaverei, Unwissenheit ist Stärke – In einer Zeit des Universalbetruges ist die Wahrheit zu sagen eine revolutionäre Tat! (George Orwell in: „1984)

Like everyone, I just can’t believe how the „Trumpkins“ are changing their story about the Comey firing. Each story is less believable. Each story gets replaced by another more outrageous lie. Lies after lies get fed to media and public while Trump held meetings with Lavrov and Kislyak – imagine that!

Now we have Trump associates at the center of the Russian Connection, Trump fires the leader of the investigation, Trump gets to pick the next FBI head, recused Attorney General Jeff Sessions was at the center of the call to fire Comey, Comey allegedly asked for more resources for the Russian investigation (but everyone denies this), the Senate Intelligence committee subpoenas Flynn.

Trump seemed angry that Comey isn’t loyal to him but he’s not supposed to. Trump’s idea of governance is that you must do what he wants or you’re the enemy. I guess Wharton education didn’t have any effect on Trump.

This dismissal is a bombshell exploding daily. Trump is impulsive and gyrating to save his butt. Kissinger was in to chat with Trump. It’s a mess growing into probable criminal charges.

Jerrold Atlas, Psychohistoriker, Vermont/USA

Illustration: JenSorensen

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