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Context is Half the Work

Seeing comes before words, and culture can be defined at any given moment.

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Marine Drouan aka Kritzkom and Romain Frequency aka Electrosexual, French artists, a collaborative pair based in Berlin are experimenting, working on a sound project that will be part of the multi media extravaganza exhibition and show, Turn Around, at Berghain on the 15th October. An idea once had in their heads, is now turning into reality and a prototype, specifically developed for this show. As the title suggests, Turn Around, their work is turning and growing with complexities. When I interviewed them they were in the midst of it all and attempted to clarify their product and its process in-the-making to me. Interview by LADY GABY




“It’s a sound installation that is dealing with all senses; Wow, it sounds really ‚out there‘ and ‚out of reach,‘ I am thinking. ‚Yes and we are developing visuals to it too, Romain said. ‚All senses should be heightened when listening to the frequencies of the track.


For them it was a natural and easy process to work together as they developed the track, then looped it and added variations to it. How will this be exhibited to the public? ‚Its a secret, they told me. It will somewhere inside Berghain and the audience will need to find it. We have made a teaser, a small video that will transform itself, it will travel, hence keeping up with the theme of turning around. It will transport the sound from the machine straight to the body. We love the feeling of the machine interacting directly and naturally with the body. We are surrounded by machines and technology all the time. We should let the machines stimulate and inspire us rather than scare us.‘ So let the machine dominate us? ‚Yes, why not? We should not be afraid of this feeling but rather embrace it‘.


TurnAround_video 2_3


I wondered what sounds we should let dominate us in such a natural manner? ‚The sounds on the track are progressive, a mix of drones, trance noise and ambient rhythms that should be hypnotic. We hope it has a almost epileptic feeling, in a positive way.‘ Their description made me think of a out of body experience, an entry into a psychedelic world where one feel and sees the sounds, the vibrations right on the skin. The setting will be complete, with headphones, and a screen around it. We wanted it to be a proper installation for people to enjoy this atmospheric track and have all their senses affected by it. We want this interaction with sound to be very special for everyone willing to experience it. ‚



This mutual collaboration is an experiment for both artists as they normally work differently when solo. This project idea has been developed for this show since months now and it has been growing and transforming itself very organically. ‚It’s great to have this track to work on, add more subtle sounds to it, see its transformation process, let it turn the ear around, differently each time we add something to it‘. The end product will consist of weeks of experimentation and hard work, just like a seed that is planted and its growth can follow many unexpected directions. The experience will be inside a private setting where the public will be able to listen, talk and communicate about their experience, with each other. ‚The visuals to it are like a hard bit, you want to hear it and be excited by the vibrations. We are hoping for some feedback about the installation after the experience.‘ However I have a feeling that the working process is just as important for the two artists. Their collaboration, their ways and methods of working out the problems attached to it, the birth of the track and its transformation that comes from sounds produced together, have been as valuable to them as the end product.


TurnAround_video 2_4


‚It’s been a new field of work for us, as we are both more performers and DJs and we see our audience dance to our work. This time they will interact and react differently to it‘. Inside a very intimate setting and not on the dance floor. However I imagine that making the sounds for the track has not been that difficult for them because their solo experiences in making music. ‚We knew how to start. From the beginning we knew what we wanted, how the track will be. We have been confident about this project from its humble beginnings. The process has been natural, spontaneous and fitted to our world. We have had a good vibe about it the whole time.‘ So no strangers to Berghain either, Marine and Romain were excited about the chance to do a site-specific installation inside this famous club. ‚I like it a lot, Marine smiled when we talked about our fascination with this club. ‚Me too‘, Romain nodded his head in approval.


Watching them agree on many issues, and yet leaving respect towards each other when answering my questions, I feel their collaboration survived well, without many conflicts. ‚The creative process between us has been more alive, we have had great jam sessions playing instruments together and we wanted to put ourselves out of comfort zones and do things differently to what we do normally when we work alone. We were able to see the mistakes and correct them after each jam session, more clearly. And the track will evolve still till our last working day, one day before the exhibition,‘ they both laughed with ease. After talking so much about the evolving track, I remember they mentioned a video that will accompany it. ‚The video has to be processed alongside the track which will influence the video. As the track changes, we will need to adjust these changes to the video too. We started from scratch. Its like cooking and yes, its MADE IN NEUKÖLLN.


TurnAround_video 2_5


Proud to turn around from their normal procedures and solo projects, Kritzkom and Electrosexual will make more work together in the near future. Either for exhibitions or for live performances, I read in my futuristic glass bowl. Alongside their bracelet, on the 15th October, at Turn Around show, we hope to be enthralled by more avant garde art works, either by video projections, sound installations and live performances, this site-specific experience will be a treat, a happening. The club Berghain, normally THE Mecca for ravers and sex voyeurs, will modify its dance floors and stages to host hidden and brand-new artistic riches, developed by a star studded cast and hosted by no other than YOUR MOMS AGENCY, and to tell you the truth, I am bursting with enthusiasm mixed with pinches of curiosity to witness again something fresh and progressive. Secretly, I am hoping that ‚impatiently yet desperate two-hour wait‘ to get inside the venue that occurs on weekends there, wont be a problem this time…

THURSDAY, 15. October 2015

Doors Open: 19h / Starts: 20h / 18 years+ / Tickets at the Door


Kritzkom + Romain Frequency

part of: TURN AROUND BRIGHT EYES (group Exhibition)

Curated by Your Mom’s Agency

BERGHAIN / PANORAMA BAR / Am Wriezener Bahnhof / 10243 Berlin

Video Clip + Stills: Courtesy of the artists



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