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Context is Half the Work

Seeing comes before words, and culture can be defined at any given moment.

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Living in the creative Mecca that is Berlin, one can get blissfully comfortable with and inundated by purportedly innovative and experimental ideas. Enough so, that the edge of ‘cutting edge’ has blunted ever so slightly. While Turn Around Bright Eyes was an archetypal event born out of this kind of environment, it has succeeded in proving itself to be a likely standout. Turn Around Bright Eyes will be fittingly housed in Berlin’s notorious techno haven, Berghain. And after taking a glimpse at Bonnie Tyler’s music video for ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart,’ it’s clear that the paradoxically doomed love, mystified by surreal encounters within the repressive context of a boys boarding school is the perfect inspiration and companion piece for such an art show exploring all facets of human sensory aesthetic.



While Berghain offers an uninhibited space for exploration, Turn Around Bright Eyes pushes the boundaries of how we experience art. From installations that incorporate tactile sensations with corresponding sounds, to video projections that make use of trance-inducing augmented reality, the exhibition is wholly immersive. Not only does this brand of art show test the limits of those in attendance, but it also offers the diverse collective of participants an opportunity to grow and evolve with one another through unique creative collaborations; architects with designers, musicians with technologists, and every configuration in between. They’re challenging each other through the unifying purpose of reinvention. This open platform dispels the unspoken rumour that live music and visual art exist in entirely different creative spheres; the event places importance equally on both forms, allowing them to speak to spectators in unison.



The self-proclaimed ‘new generation art show,’ hosted by Berlin-based Your Mom’s Agency is a marriage of digital art and sound. The line up will include live music, as well as various sorts of contemporary art, ranging from audiovisual installations to video to light boxes. Performances by shamanic techno heads Hyenaz, technologist/electronic musician Peter Kirn, and (what one could constitute as a) headliner, demented folktronica artist Koudlam will make up the strictly musical part of the evening. On the purely visual side of things, Dorit Bialer will present her typisch Berliner-inspired Playmobil set parodies, Lisa Wassmann will showcase her photo depictions of darkened club scenes, and designer Martin Müller has constructed a monolithic light box made out of cello tape. Videos will be shown by alt-pop rising star Actually Huizenga, underground cult filmmaker Jamie Harley, digital artist Valquire Veljkovic, and acclaimed photographer Boris Eldagsen, along with a video interpretation of ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ by none other than the infamous Peaches. The electric-experimental live after show by duo Local Suicide will round out the evening.

Romain Frequency_© Moritz Grewenig

Possibly most representative of the cooperative ethos of the show will be the works of Berlin-based artists Natacha Mankowski, Kritzkom & Romain Frequency, and Marianne Jacquet. Mankowski and two local tech/design startups, Bleech and Onformative, have joined forces to create a hypnotic mixed media experience, and both the Kritzkom & Romain Frequency team and Jacquet have created sound installations which blur the lines between analogue and digital to invoke an otherworldly multi-sensory encounter.

THURSDAY, 15. October 2015

Doors Open: 19h / Starts: 20h / 18 years+ / Tickets at the Door


TURN AROUND BRIGHT EYES (group Exhibition)

Art meets music at Berghain

Hosted by Your Mom’s Agency

BERGHAIN / PANORAMA BAR / Am Wriezener Bahnhof / 10243 Berlin

 Photos: Courtesy of the artists and photographers. All rights reserved.


*Gabriella Otero Gabriella is a Berlin-based music lover who—upon moving to her adoptive home two years ago—founded and continues to write for music blog, Soundcheck Charlie . With roots firmly planted in the local scene and an (some would say excessive) affinity for live gigs, she’s always on the hunt for fresh sounds.




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