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Context is Half the Work

Seeing comes before words, and culture can be defined at any given moment.

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I grew up in the country, more outdoors than in, so I have a deep appreciation for our bigger home (Earth.) My many homes I’ve had throughout my life seem impossibly small and cagey after a long hike. I long for that connection I had as a child. Sleeping in trees, going in and out of shallow waters while fish nibbled my skin, sliding for hours through the silky dry dirt of our makeshift playground, making homes in the lilac bushes; impervious to the bees that meandered around our heads…

country house

Country Roads

 [tip:ffwd the first 15-20 sec]


kitchen with a green view

We all lose ourselves inside the buildings of our lives. Where we work, where we sleep. Let’s admit it, we as humans are very good at making shelters now. What I love about these photographs are that people had the imagination to change the division and open the windows per say to the outdoors. Natural is trending again. I hear it in every commercial, many songs, fabrics, cosmetics, and fashion.

If a human need is nature, and we incorporate flora and fauna in design then we begin to need the beauty of the environment around us. So then one can argue that aesthetics is not just an idea or feeling but a true rung on the ladder of our needs. Art IS life!

fish wallpaper


flower wallpaper


Flowery wallpaper, flowery needle point handkerchiefs, rosette soaps….it screams your Grandmother! But our elders show us their wisdom time and again.

shower head

Follow this pin to find ways of making your home smell natural. This will add another dimension to peace and tranquility that nature can bring to your interior design.

-Rachel Rae McDermott.

*Images: Pinterestest.com (accessed February 20, 2016.) 





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