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Context is Half the Work

Seeing comes before words, and culture can be defined at any given moment.

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Magic plays a central role in our lives…. but the secret really is that it is something you make.  You also have to have your antennae up so you can receive the magic that others are making.  This is how I pick my friends and lovers.  I get on their wavelength and just feel them.  Artists, caregivers, lawyers, grandmothers, all the shamans in this world are all bending time space with their words and energy.

magic is something you make

I think that there has been some advancement in new knowledge based on the discoveries made through magic.  Some magic is a mere awareness of yourself and thus awareness of the essence of all others.  Ultimately because we view the world as a projection of ourselves, our needs, or our individual experience you might start to wonder if this conical oneness could slice an actual dimension.  Become an alternate story line.  And every soul has one…Lol.  Soul-play.


I grew up in the country.  At night as kids we would get on our Smurfette nightgowns and run around catching fire flies in the twilight.  Playing outside didn’t end when the sun went down
because there were no Bogey men out there to get us.  We hid under bushes, in trees, walked down the pitch black dirt road.  My favorite though was walking a trail in the dark night woods.  A little one or a two-hour trail.  I was never afraid, and I’m still not.  And I could always see well because I would close my eyes for thirty seconds. Then the stars and moon where brighter.

fear the night

Play is important because in a snap of a finger life can be gone and over.  THINK ABOUT THAT!  It’s a dangerous game we play, this game of life.  Each second lasts an eternity.

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Nor to the Seas, or the Earth…A star can’t be held down or put out.

We’d all do well to remember that we are made of stardust.

By Rachel McDermott


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