Oy Vey Berlin Bio

Biniamin Ze’ev Avrahami was born in 1969 to two parents who emmigrated to Israel from Iran. He grew up in the Sinai Peninsula until it was returned to Egypt in 1982. He joined the Israeli army a few days before the first Palestinian uprising, and at some point made his own uprising against the Israeli army. He left Israel 20 years ago, graduated from Columbia University’s School of Journalism and contributed articles to publications around the world. He hopes to reflect his life in his blog. Therefore, one percent of it will be dedicated to his experiences to live in Berlin–cafe, media, food, art, culture–as he experiences it as a foreigner, as a Jew, as a man, as a father and as a writer. The other 99 percent, just like real life, will be dedicated to his experience as a father to a teenage girl.