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There is a famous saying by an Israeli comedian: „the way we laughed over there, I never cried so much“. I remember this saying every time I read reports about the loser from Halle. It’s like a gift that never stop giving.

It started right from the beginning. The mother of the loser claimed that her son doesn’t have any problem with Jews, he just despises all the people who control the financial system. This is only the beginning of the joke. the sad end is that this woman is a teacher, teaching ethics. („Stephan, killing Jews is immoral, killing the Rothschilds is of higher call. Check your weapon first“)

Then we heard that the loser had decided not to shoot the windows of the synagogue because he was sure that the windows were bought by the German government and they are bullet proof. The sad reality is that German authorities made a thorough check of the building, made their assessments and told the community that there is a great danger for an attack, and then assumed that the community is responsible for the protection. The German authorities didn’t think that they had to be in charge of the security of their German-Jewish citizens. Maybe they also thought that the Jews have enough money to finance their protection. So even the magic door and the video camera that saved the people during the attack were bought by the Jewish community.

Then there is the video from the camera on the top left side of the synagogue door, shooting for 21 minutes. The footage shows that only one police car (out of 25 in the area, six in Halle alone) was sent there because there was a robbery in a cellar in the city (hey, you must have priorities), how the postman continue to deliver his letters despite a woman lying dead on the ground. The people inside the synagogue called the police to report, and the person on the other side of the phone kept insisting that first they must give him their name and address („you are being shot at? Ein Bisschen ordnung bitte!!“). After 21 minutes there is still no doctor in sight. The police dispatcher let all police cars know about the car model of the attacker and its plate number. The loser returns with his car to the site. No one stops him.

According to a DPA report yesterday, a testimony at the trial was telling the following story about the minutes following the attack.“We were treated more like suspects than victims,“ said the 33-year-old clergyman on Tuesday in court in Magdeburg. A Catholic nun had come as pastor. This was also difficult for many members of the parish. „In difficult times, Jews like to be among other Jews.“

And this is the controversial Zohar Argov with „Ocean full of tears“





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