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People in Israel think that German FM Heiko Maas is a walking joke, not even worthy of the evil assignment.

Maas, known for his empty statement that he came to politics because of Auschwitz, declared after the attack on the nuclear facility in Iran earlier this week that it didn’t bring positive contribution to the Vienna talks about the Iranian nuclear program taking place this week. The man who claims that the memory of a concentration camp helped to fuel his political gas, doesn’t like how Israel (the attack was contributed to Israel) protect itself from a country that doesn’t recognize Auschwitz, but is firm enough to produce Auschwitz 2, the sequel.

Maas is wrong on three levels:

A. He doesn’t have a clue about oriental negotiations, where a „for sure“ now is a „maybe“ a second later, and he doesn’t have a clue about the „language of power“. The attack on the facility in Iran was a „language of power“ signal: don’t fuck with us.

B. He doesn’t understand that Israel will not tolerate any appeasements to countries threatening the fate of Israel (a lesson Maas should have drawn from the history of his own country). I don’t think that Maas and the general German population would be so willing to appease France or Spain if they were developing nuclear weapons and threatening to wipe out Germany. I guess trading in other people’s life is easy, convenient and cheap.

C. Heiko Mass doesn’t get that the Germans taught us one important lesson: we trust no one with our lives, but ourselves. We will be responsible for how we protect ourselves. We might perish, but it will be on our terms. If Maas was 0.0001 percent sincere about what he said about Auschwitz, he would understand that and not underestimate, in the name of German business interests, how Israel protect itself. Maas‘ ridiculous statements put him in the same league as the Iranian foreign minister who almost echoed his words.

I sat this morning with a friend on the beach in Tel Aviv. We drank coffee, and looked at the waves entering the small bay. The sun was frying our back. „by the way Mass acts and by his statements, there is only one thing he learned from Auschwitz“, she told me, „and that is that the work there was not done“.




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