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These words are from my dear dear Israeli friend, Shai Golden. Golden is a radio and TV host, and an author with an amazing skill to bring forth with words the exact Zeitgeist of Israel. 


Sorry we survived the pogroms, deportations, ghettos, extermination camps and the Holocaust.

Sorry we were not destroyed. Although they tried. Many have tried. Really tried. Throughout history.

Sorry we survived the horrors and persecutions.

Sorry we returned to the land of our ancestors (following pogroms and persecution and then following the Holocaust) and settled in it, after we were deported and exiled and deported and exiled again.

Sorry we returned to the land of our ancestors. Which is ours. And unlike a host of other peoples, we also have historical evidence and documentation of our right to live here.

Sorry we got the partition plan in 1947, and agreed to establish a state within ridiculous borders.

Sorry we were not destroyed in the War of Independence.

Sorry we were not destroyed by the Palestinian Arabs in the kind of riots that have been perpetrated on us since the day we returned here, back in the 19th century. They have been killing us ever since. So really sorry.

Sorry we built a strong army. To protect us. We even defined it as a defense army.

Sorry we built ourselves in the Middle East. With ten fingers we built it, and during non-stop wars and incessant violence from all sides.

Sorry we found solutions to all the military challenges our enemies posed to us.

Sorry we won the wars. Sorry we were not destroyed. Sorry we were not thrown into the sea, or returned to Europe and the Arab countries, to live in ghettos.

Sorry we developed Iron Dome.

Sorry we found a technological solution to the tunnel problem, from which hundreds of terrorists were to emerge and entire communities of Jews were murdered. Just sorry about that.

Sorry we offered the Palestinians a state three times, but we refused to include the entire territory of our state. Sorry we did not give up everything for them.

Sorry we would rather win a war than be slaughtered in it and murdered and killed.

Sorry we have imagination, resourcefulness and ingenuity.

Sorry we insist on being strong in a reality where countries like Iran openly call for our destruction. And organizations like Hamas and Hezbollah say out loud that we have no right to live and exist.

Sorry we insist on living and existing.

Sorry we are stronger than Hamas. And Hezbollah. And Iran. And Syria. And Lebanon. And insist on maintaining our strength, for the simple reason that if we become weak, we simply will not exist. We’d be destroyed. Deported. Concentrated again in the camps.

Sorry we are not symmetrical. Sorry we are investing billions in protection. Tens of billions, actually.

Sorry we are investing billions in anti-missile weapons. Sorry we do not let 4000 missiles fired at us fall on Israel. In the name of symmetry.

Sorry we insist on staying alive. It’s not symmetrical, I know. But if symmetry means being like Hamas – both in terms of victims and in the folly of eliminating their people and their future – then we give up. Prefer the asymmetry. Because symmetry in the Middle East means destruction for the Jews.

So sorry we are not symmetrical. Sorry we refuse to die, be destroyed or live in insane poverty because we have invested all our money in weapons. Look at us – we have also managed to invest billions in the IDF and in security and also to establish a prosperous state. Sorry we are not like Hamas – which is incapable. Sorry we are not like Arafat and Abu Mazen, who just do not want a state. Sorry we have progressed and we are looking forward to the future of our people.

Sorry we are not symmetrical. And sorry for the following words too: But take your symmetry and shove it to a place where the sun don’t shine.

We will continue to be asymmetrical. Because our very existence depends on it. And we intend to continue to exist.

Sorry we intend to continue to exist. At all costs. At almost any cost we will continue to exist. So sorry about that in advance. Right from the bottom of my heart. Sorry.




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