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Ze'ev Avrahami, married plus 2. Tel Aviv, New York, Berlin. Hears in German, speaks English, dreams in Hebrew.

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This is only from the last couple of weeks:

First an 11-year-old girl, during a Querdenken demo in Karlsruhe, compared herself and her life to Anne Frank’s. that Anne Frank. Speaking from a stage, she told a rally she had to celebrate her birthday in secret in case nosy neighbours tipped off the authorities. “I felt like I was with Anne Frank, where they had to be as quiet as a mouse to avoid getting caught,” she said.

Then in Berlin last week, on the 75th anniversary of the Nuremburg trials and on the day the German parliament voted on the new Infection Protection Laws, the AFD sneaked into the building a few of their friends who then took pictures and videos of parliament members planning to vote in favor of the law, and uploaded them to social media platforms, trying to influence the vote pattern.

Outside of the parliament many protesters clashed violently with the police. In one video that was uploaded to YouTube, a far right activist spoke with an Israeli female activist and they both discussed seriously the comparison between Zyklon B. and the new vaccine, and how forcing people to take the vaccine is the same as pushing Jews into the gas chambers.

The protesters were , by the way, the same protesters who in the summer wore a yellow ribbon on their clothes, similar to the one forced on Jews by the Nazis, in order to mark the fact that they are the victims. A day later, another rally was scheduled in Nuremberg under the headline: „Nuremberg Trials“. Then a far right group was planning to protest in front of the synagogue in Braunschweig. The protest was supposed to last only 12 minutes. 19:33-19:45.

Then a Pakistani minister compared how President Macron is treating Muslims with how the Nazis used to treat the Jews.

Lastly, in Hanover, a 22-year-old stepped on a stage and let her listeners know that she feels in her fight like Sophie Scholl when she fought against the Nazis.

It is a serious of events that forced me to reevaluate everything I thought about myself and who I am. After thinking really hard I got into a conclusion that if these people are wearing the yellow ribbon, if they are Sophie Scholl and Anne Frank, then I must be a Neo Neo Nazi


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