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Oy Vey Berlin

Ze'ev Avrahami, married plus 2. Tel Aviv, New York, Berlin. Hears in German, speaks English, dreams in Hebrew.

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I will write more in the next few days about the war, about my family and about how the war influences our life in Berlin. But first I want to just write numbers, dry numbers.

Burned synagogues: 10. Burned mosques: 0

Synagogues used to prepare stones and Molotov bottles: 0. Mosques used to prepare stones and Molotov bottles:28

Synagogues where rioters were guided: 0. Mosques where rioters were guided: 22

Jewish houses burned: 112. Arab houses burned: 1 (by Arabs)

This one worth a mention: for three days a blood libel was circulated about how Jewish rioters burned down a 12-year-old in Yafo. The international media jumped on the wagon. Since it was found a couple of days ago that it was Arabs who threw the bottle, nobody cares anymore about the poor 12-year-old boy.

Jewish houses loitered 386. Arab houses loitered:0

Jewish houses damaged: 673. Arab houses damaged: 13

Jewish cars burned down: 849. Arab cars burned down: 13

Throwing stones on Arabs:41. Throwing stones on Jews: 5,018

Confiscating illegal arms from Jews: numerous. Confiscating illegal arms from Arabs: 0

Jews died by Arab lynching: 1 (and one critically injured). Arab killed by Jewish lynching: 0

But what about the war with Gaza? I will write more about Gaza, but I will say two things:

  1. People telling me that they expect more from the Israelis are racists. Racism of lower expectations is still racism.
  2. Whoever takes the Hamas or Gaza side in the conflict is morally distorted. Hamas is standing opposite anything a western society stands for


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