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I would like to say a couple of things about the normal Germans who participated in the anti-Corona demo yesterday in Berlin.

  1. I think their right to demonstrate is their democratic right
  2. I think that many of them lack respect and belief in the government and the institutions, but I think many of them had no problem believing in the government when it handed out generous Corona grants.
  3. I think that Germany, comparatively. was hit the least by Corona–deaths, preparation and aid, no one really enforced the regulations–yet, do you know any country where its residents complained more than Germany? I mean, just put the mask for five minutes a day!! All of these people are crying about social distancing, were you in a state of continuous hugging with other people before the Corona.

I think that by the demographics of these people, I can say this: most of them had hit the „what is the real purpose of my life?“ button. Corona demos are the new toy.


The problem was with the other groups at the demo. The conspiracy theorists, the far right, the Nazis. They came to Berlin in masses and strength to expose democracy’s weakness. Some of them marched with yellow Star of David ribbon, drawing a line between their victimhood and the suffering of Jews under the Nazis. That’s what they said with their upper lip, their lower lip was spitting theories about Jews and how do they help tainting Europe by helping to bring Muslims to the continent. By the way: when exactly was Bill Gates converted?

Across from the Russian embassy, a certain idiot vegan chef with his followers were chanting for Putin. 2.1 kilometers away from there a certain Russian dissident was in induced coma, probably with the help of the same Putin.

Maybe this is the most telling picture of this sad day. A democracy that doesn’t know how to protect itself from those who want to abuse and destroy it, is a democracy that bound to fall.



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