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We must be clear about this: secular Israelis justifiably have a big issue with orthodox Jews in Israel. The orthodox sector is not shouldering enough of the social and the economic burden. They don’t serve in the army, they don’t contribute enough on the work sector and economy, and with their above average birth rate, they are exacting a higher toll on the social and welfare programs than the average Israeli. In other words: secular Israelis‘ tax contribution is partially supporting a non working sector. This is one of the main reasons why the middle class in Israeli collapses.

Another sector like that is the Arab sector. The main difference between them is the political power of each. The Arab parties are always in the opposition, whereas the religious parties are always the balancing act of the government. That means that despite counting for about 13 percent of the votes, the religious parties have power much exceeding their relative seats, allowing them to force more and more religious lifestyle on the secular Israelis who finance them.

Since the Corona have the tendency to magnify attitudes and trends, the Arabs and the orthodox Jews again didn’t obey most of the rules given by the Israeli government and while everybody else’s life got into a standstill, these sectors continued to study, gather at weddings and funerals and behave in general like they don’t care about the disease, despite the fact that their respective populations had the highest number of cases.

This is where it gets weird: the liberal Israelis started to attack this phenom. Haaretz daily newspaper declared that they are the worst enemy of Israel, a bigger threat than the Iranian bomb, and that Israel should use any weapon in its arsenal in order to tackle this internal bomb. Meretz, an ultra leftists, human right oriented party, put out the poster accompanying this post (it says in Hebrew: „a threat to public health“), which looks like something taken out of the pages of the Der Stürmer. 

But this vicious, nasty and hateful campaign was directed only against the religious section. When the Israeli skies opened again for flights and a certain committee was appointed to decide who can fly to Israel and who can’t, the papers sent reporters who stood outside the arrival hall and were counting how many orthodox Jews came, imagine, (If this wasn’t enough, a conservative paper sent a couple of reporters who proved on camera that the earlier reports were a sham)

Earlier this week, the new R factor in Israel were revealed. The General R was exactly 1. In the Arab sector it was 1.12 (the first 20 cities with worse cases were all Arab). The orthodox was 0.86



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