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Stephan B., the Nazi murderer from Halle, is a piece of shit. He hates Muslims, women and Jews. He is not racist toward immigrants: he hates them all. He is such a low life that even his sorry life story doesn’t bring any compassion toward him.

But every time I watch and read about his trial, the more I appreciate his sincerity. Yes, he is a Nazi and a hater, but he doesn’t pretend to be anything else. When Stephan B. says in court that the only way to stop anti-Semitism in Germany is to not have Jews in Germany, then philosophically he is right. But what is more important to consider is that the disgusting Stephan B. express proudly what quite a few Germans think and not dare saying.

The majority of Germans do appreciate Jewish life here. and understand its importance to the fabric of the society, but some groups (with very strong resonance in the German society), think the same: if there will be no Jews in Germany, there will be no anti-Semitism. We tried everything else, it didn’t really work. When I get to face my enemy, I would like to know that he is my enemy. I prefer to have him with bold head, spitting hate through his lips. I can deal with him. It’s harder with the liberals who say all the right things, but you never get to know their true face. It is always behind masks.

Take for example Christiane Amanpour, the famous reporter of CNN, who during her international show last week drew a parallel between the Kristallnacht to Donald Trump’s four years at the helm. Not only this parallel is an absurdity, but one fact was completely missing from it: in her entire description, Amanpour failed to mention the identity of the victims of the Kristallnacht.

Amanpour is a glorious journalist, It used to be that a disaster area wouldn’t be called one until you saw Amanpour’s face on the screen. But she also have a streak of nasty coverage of Israel and the Jewish world. She apologized afterward for her words, but I don’t buy into it. She knew her script, people wrote it and went over it. She was doing it with purpose. Her apology was quite, her words to the international audience echoed  much stronger: she belittled Kristallnacht and took away the Jews from the story. Give her a few more years and she will come up with a narrative that it was Jews burning down German books during Kristallnacht, because the Germans didn’t pay the interest to the Jewish bank.

Christiane Amanpour is a much better person than Stephan B. She has much better values than his. But I am much more afraid of her than from him. The problem with people like her is that they don’t even know how to live without their masks anymore.



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