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Monarchie & Alltag

Neue Bands und wichtige Filme: „As long as the music’s loud enough, we won’t hear the world falling apart“.

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Mit seiner ersten Band The Adverts schrieb T.V. Smith Punkgeschichte: „Gary Gilmore’s Eyes“, „No Time To Be 21“ oder „The Great British Mistake“ sind allesamt „One Chord Wonders“ (ein weiterer Hit) vom Debütalbum „Crossing the Red Sea with The Adverts“, die auch heute noch brillant klingen. Ich liebe vor allem „The Great British Mistake“:

Nach der Auflösung der Adverts 1979 spielte Smith in weiteren Bands und veröffentlichte bereits elf Solo-Alben. Das jüngste davon, „Lockdown Holiday“, erscheint nächste Woche und Leadsingle „Send In The Clown“ ist Folkpunk, der sich vor Frank Turner nicht verstecken müsste.

* Your three favourite Punk singles/songs?

“Anarchy In The UK” Sex Pistols

“Neat Neat Neat” The Damned

“London Calling” The Clash

* A record that will make you dance?

Teddybears “Soft Machine” album. Vom turned me on to this, we spent many happy nights in his cellar bar with everybody up on their feet.

* Your favourite song lyrics?

That’s just too hard to say. It’s got to be poetry though. I love the lyrical poetry of Dylan and Leonard Cohen, I used to love the cynical poetry of Morrissey before he started making dubious political statements, I love the gritty poetry of Nick Cave and the magical poetry of Mike Scott. Impossible to say which is my favourite, I need them all.

* The best “new” artist / band right now?

I’ve not been listening to any new bands – have there been any since lockdown?

* Your favourite song about rebellion/revolution?

“Get Up Stand Up” Bob Marley

* The Clash, Sex Pistols or Ramones – which one do you prefer and why?

Sex Pistols. The Clash and The Ramones both made great first albums but then became less consistent with their later records. The Sex Pistols had the good sense to only make one great record then break up.

* Your favourite movie about music – and why?

“Spinal Tap.” It’s a spoof, but it’s so true. I laugh every time.

* Your favourite book about music?

I don’t recall reading any books on music that’s I’ve really liked.

* The most overrated band/artist?

Name anyone in the charts.

* The best song you’ve ever written / recorded?

I have a lot of songs on my new album that are incredibly personal and important to me. For a long time I couldn’t even rehearse “I Surf The Second Wave” without breaking down. Nothing is for ever, but that may be my current favourite.

* Your favourite german song/record?

I like songs with a strong political content, so “99 Luftballons” by Nena.

* Your favourite record of all time?

Whenever I get asked this I usually choose a Bowie album, but it changes every time. Today I’m going to say “Diamond Dogs.” That future he was writing about seems awfully close today.

Das neue Album „Lockdown Holiday“ ist Ende November erschienen:


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  • Der beste Adverts-Song ist für mich „Television’s Over“, eine perfekt umgesetzte Verkörperung der damaligen Stimmung.
    Ob „DIAMOND DOGS“ vielleicht doch das beste Bowie-Album ist, kommt mir auch gelegentlich in den Sinn, vor allem wegen „Sweet Thing / Candidate“.

  • „* The most overrated band/artist? Name anyone in the charts.“

    god, why do you have to be that ignorant, blasé, narrow minded – is it just coz you are old? looks like it…

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