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I’m sure the Police probably worry about being racist A BIT, but not that much. And not all the time. I definitely don’t think they worried about being racist in Rotherham. I don’t think they said stuff to each other like: „We could so something about this child abuse stuff, but people will probably think we’re being racist or islamophobic, so better let them get on with it, hey.“

The main reason why I don’t think they said this is because they didn’t do jack shit about Jimmy Savile or Rolf Harris either. I mean, they should have been and could have been investigating all the child abuse allegations, right? But they weren’t. And I really don’t think the reason they weren’t is because they were scared of being accused of racism to white people or Christenfeindllich. „Shall we investigate all the child abuse stuff?“ „Better not, hey, everyone will say we’re being racist against white people or Christians, won’t they!“ Insert your own „Christianity isn’t a race“ joke here.

The truth is, people are only against child abuse in theory; in practice, whenever it happens, they don’t wanna know. We don’t wanna know. I don’t want to hear anything about it, it depresses the hell out of me. Basically, we, as a society don’t give a shit about-SLASH-tolerate child abuse, but when the people doing the abusing are Muslims, we get to write a load of hand-wringing articles about it afterwards, like there’s this section in the Ku’ran telling people to go out and groom poor white teenagers so you can get into Heaven easier. I call bullshit on this whole racism worry crap. I think it is very much what it sounds like: a pathetic, measly, anaemic, anorexic excuse. I think they just didn’t give a shit about child abuse, because people don’t give a shit about child abuse, and now stupid people are using it as an excuse to shit on Muslims, because stupid people like shitting on Muslims. That’s what I think.



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