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True Confessions from Berlin's slummiest yummy mummy.

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  1. am making chilli without carne for dinner – vegan style – and I accidentally burnt the mushrooms – but only a tiny bit – like they kind of blackened but NOT THAT MUCH and now it literally tastes like there’s meat in it. why do we eat meat and kill & torture all the animals when actually we can just burn mushrooms a little bit and it tastes igzackly the same?
  2. I interviewed Conchita Wurst for missy magazine and it was wonderful. I literally think if I had to choose between me interviewing Conchita & Brexit happening or Brexit not happening and me not interviewing Conchita, I would be all like, fuck it what has the EU ever done for impoverished pensioners in Grimsby and you know they are very very strict about bananas and other various type of fruits, possibly including berries. Here’s a picture
  3. 14199663_10154228823788941_8751017143029302003_n



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