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I actually think what pissed people off about that Avenues and Flowers, Avenues and Women, Avenues and Flowers and Women, an Admirer poem and the mini-shitstorm was that it was young women who haven’t got their qualifications yet DARING to have an opinion about a male person’s ART

I think a shitstorm about a much less sexist ad on a wall would’ve been accepted and even respected much more, at least it wouldn’t have annoyed people so much. And an ad that offended in some other way (Holocaust reference for example) outside an OAP’s home*, nobody would’ve batted an eyelid

I think Werbung’s shit but I don’t think art’s holy. The poem’s ages old and men perve over women in the street all the time. Maybe the bloke in the poem’s gay and is just admiring them in a totally neutral way like oh look at those nice yellow tulips, look at the nice women all dressed up and ready to go out, I am feeling so sexually unarroused now. But the idea that the students are being totally ridiculous and sensitive and paranoid for thinking that he might be being a teeny-tiny bit sexist? It’s a bit silly. The idea that he might be being a teeny-tiny bit sexist and reducing women to objects is at the very least one POSSIBLE interpretation of the poem.

PEOPLE ARE BASICALLY DEAD JEALOUS OF YOUNG WOMEN BECAUSE EVERYONE THINKS THEIR VAGINAS ARE TOO FRESH & JUICY AND THEY DON’T HATE THEMSELVES ENOUGH YET. All the articles about that poem can basically be summed up as „young women, know your place and shut your mouths.“ And that’s my official statement about the Avenues, Avenues, Flowers, Women, an Admirer poem, you can quote me on that one.

*the amount of Holocaust references that get taken out of comedies and stuff because Germans who are not young women won’t like them and nobody starts howling with despair about how you have to toughen up and understand the context and accept the art and respect the artist and stop being so sensitive and this is what happens when people aren’t able to read but expect the world to be a Ponyhof etc etc. I’ve said it before but where’s the shitstorm about Bridget Jones’s mum saying to Bridget you look like you’re going to a funeral at the beginning of the first film? She actually says „You look like you’ve just been liberated from Auschwitz!“ Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s totally understandable that they change it. But that means we can change things. And we can also change a poem that’s on the side of a fucking building for fuck’s sake. I don’t care about that poem, I just think if the students want it gone, might as well take it down and put a new poem up. There’s enough poems in the world.


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