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It’s weird to be in Europe & look at America and think about their ideas of freedom, because in some ways they are so very much not free at all. Like, you know, in a lot of ways Germans are freer. So people in Germany, who are quite connected to American culture, tend to look at Americans and feel a kind of benevolent but snobby bemusement. WHY DO YOU THINK YOU ARE SO FREE? WE ARE OBVIOUSLY LOADS FREER THAN YOU! Look! No speed limits on the Autobahn, we can drink beer or wine in a car as long as we’re not driving, and everyone can get naked in the Volkspark when they’re sunbathing. Whereas in the States, the freedoms they’re proud of seem to be: the freedom to homeschool, the freedom to NOT have health insurance if you’re feeling kinda lucky at the moment, and of course, the freedom to buy guns. They also seem to generally think they are free in a way North Koreans aren’t and they don’t seem to have noticed that most people in this world are free in a way North Koreans aren’t and in a lot of ways Americans seem to be un-free in a way North Koreans are, and am not even talking about Trump and his rallies and his press intimidation and his blatant desire to turn America into a military dictatorship. Even before Trump, there was always a weird North Korea vibe to America. Like even that Pledge of Allegiance shit. I think it looks sexy and glamorous and dead exciting and stuff, but also a bit….bossy. It’s a bit bossy, let’s just put it like that.

GUN CONTROL. It’s none of my business of course, I know that. We should be fighting to ban Silvester fireworks in Berlin (where’s that petition? can I sign it twice) or to get justice for the Grenfell fire victims and stuff like that. It is literally none of my business, if Americans want to shoot each other to death, and if I am honest, it’s not so much solidarity with the victims that makes Europeans speak out but the inanity of the pro-gun crew. GUNS DON’T KILL PEOPLE, PEOPLE KILL PEOPLE: if guns are responsible for killing people, then pencils are responsible for spelling mistakes. Like as if they’ve never noticed that just like a pencil is designed for drawing and writing, a gun is designed for killing? And then their fantasies about how everyone in Europe is constantly being gang-raped by hordes of asylum seekers but we’re just too pussy to shoot them dead and stop the gang-rape. I mean, I have seen American tourists on the U-Bahn in Berlin, they didn’t seem to be too worried about gang-rape to me, they were too busy telling me how great my English was „IF MY GERMAN WAS HALF AS GOOD AS YOUR ENGLISH I WOULD BE SO HAPPY!“ „Thanks, I’m from Britain.“ „I CAN UNDERSTAND EVERY WORD YOU’RE SAYING!“ „Yes, that’s because I come from England?“

So, even though it’s none of my business, I still just want to tell you guys how I see the situation. Because I think most people in Germany don’t really understand what is happening in the States. Most Germans will  talk about Americans loving guns „more than they love children.“ And I am not sure this is true. I don’t think the kids are seen as collateral damage at all. I think what is actually happening is that these school shooters are seen as upholding white supremacy. They’re almost always white, and the gun is very much the tool of oppression used to brutalize and terrorize the black community, by cops, but also by vigilantes. Teachers will soon be added to this too. The school shootings are seen as unfortunate – in the same way a husband killing his wife is seen as unfortunate – BUT NOT UNNATURAL. Not like terrorist activities, where brown people kill white people, which must be stopped. The school shootings are a step too far – but they’re still a step in the right direction.  The kids who are killed, who I admit are not always black or non-white, are not considered to be „less worthy“ than guns. People don’t think: I wish they weren’t dead, but I love guns more than them being alive. No. Their deaths are seen as an important sacrifice made to the altar of „freedom“ – which is really, when we are honest, nothing to do with freedom at all but white supremacy. Now, I’m not saying this is conscious, Sarah Palin isn’t masturbating to pictures of the Sandy Hook funerals. BUT: their deaths aren’t really so much accepted as subconsciously, on some level, welcomed. Freedom in America really actually means white supremacy. And the plan to arm teachers is merely a plan to increase the level of brutality and oppression black people in America experience.

I watched the town hall stuff, by the way, wasn’t it lovely? Such inspiring kids and I hope they achieve something, anything, though I suspect they won’t. I found Marco Rubio’s fantasies about neighbours being able to report their neighbours for being „crazy“ and then they’ll be interred on no evidence whatsoever interesting too. Nothing made it clearer to me that the word „freedom“ isn’t really about freedom at all. It’s about white supremacy. That is literally all. He wouldn’t have killed as many people with a knife. It’s not that they don’t get this. Nobody is that stupid. Imagine chopping up onions with gun instead of a knife, you wouldn’t be able to eat the onion afterwards. They know this. They wanted this to happen.


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