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I’ve been on Horst Seehofer’s Facebook page all day. Lots of white Germans foaming at the genitals with pleasure at the thought of people in Germany being kept in concentration camps again.

„Herr Seehofer, ich bin so stolz auf Sie! Sie verteidigen unser Land, ohne Sie gäbe es bald kein Deutschland mehr! Bitte bleiben Sie hart und denken Sie an unsere deutsche Werte! Wir brauchen Sie! Chapeau!“

Like honestly Horst Seehofer’s fans are dicks because they like the thought of kids being kept in concentration camps and also because they use the word Chapeau way too much, it’s an objectively shit word.

WHAT VALUES ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT THOUGH? What German values? Certainly not die Würde des Menschen ist unantastbar because if you don’t wanna tasten people’s Würde you don’t put them in camps. What Christian values? Certainly not thou shalt not kill because standing by and letting people drown in the sea because they have brown skin and the wrong kind of passport is as good as killing them yourself. And certainly not „Love thy neighbour as thyself, there is no greater command than this“ because you know, when you love someone as much as you love yourself you don’t let them drown (or process them in a centre). And also not „Do onto others as you would have others do onto you.“

If Germany had any Christian values, there’d be a lot of cunts drowning themselves in the bath tub tonight. But it’s not a Christian country, there are no Christian values to defend, and I am afuckingshamed to be a human being when human beings can turn so easily and so eagerly to great cowardice and true evil.


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