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True Confessions from Berlin's slummiest yummy mummy.

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good dads find the time to meditate

good dads find the time to play with their kids

good dads find the time to exercise

good dads find the time to read to their kids

good dads find the time to keep their houses clean and tidy and their desks organized

good dads find the time to pursue their own hobbies so they don’t get bogged down by parenting

good dads find the time to sleep eight hours a day

good dads find the time to eat healthy food so their bodies stay well-nourished and their souls calm

good dads EVEN find the time to write helpful books about it


and the good mums? find the time to read said helpful books, half a paragraph at a time, at the Spielplatz and sometimes, sometimes, to shit in a state that almost approaches peace, and not grunt – yes, you are a good king – grunt – OKAY YOU CAN BE A QUEEN TOO! – grunt, grunt- YES I AM COMING – grunt – NO THE QUEEN DOESN’T NEED TO SIT ON A CHAIR ON THE TABLE TO KILL THE MONSTER – look I’ll be done in a minute – oh, for fuck’s sake – grunt – NO EVEN IF SHE IS A BAD QUEEN SHE DOESN’T NEED TO TAKE THE WASHING POWDER INTO THE BEDROOM! TELL THE BAD QUEEN THAT’S NAUGHTY! When I am done shitting I am gonna banish that bad queen to some kingdom where there’s no washing powder I’m telling you that for nothing



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