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So, I have been ignoring all the meanspirited coldhearted German advice about not making podcasts LIKE A BITCH and have done a thousand of them recently.

Here I am with Hengameh, from just before Christmas, talking about the best Christmas Movie of all time except for It’s A Wonderful Life, Die Hard and Home Alone: Love, Actually. We both just really love that film and try to work out why.

Here I am with Lukas Ondreka from Dissens podcast, talking about lazy men and dirty housewives. My favourite subject, obviously.

And here I am with Aron L Boks, talking about humour and feminism.

So, I have a very VERY very specific theory about humour and feminism, which goes like this. I don’t actually believe that humour is lighter or easier or leichter or more bearable than „serious“ stuff. I know a lot of Germans think this way, especially the kind of people who wrote the DVD captions for the German version of Muriel’s Wedding. But I don’t. And I really don’t think humour makes feminism easier for men to bear. But I do think humour can be a tool, or even a weapon, with which you can attack the patriarchy in general, and men, who benefit from the patriarchy in particular. And I believe that the specific reason we are starting to realize that Martin Sonnenborn is a racist – and he is a racist, like, that is just who he is, sorry mate – and that it’s not just white boys who are funny is because of social media. When I was a teenager, there were hardly any female comedians, it was just white men, white men, white men, white men. Now the comedy scene is slightly more diverse, right, even here in Germany, but in Britain, there’s far more female comedians and a few PoC ones and there’s even a couple of WoC. But I actually think the reason why this has happened is because of social media. Social media is where people are actually genuinely being funny now (sorry comedy experts), like TikTok and memes and tweets and stuff. Right? That’s where the funniest stuff is happening, and I’m not trying to say there are no unfunny memes, so calm yourselves. Now each funny woman who exists – famous, unfamous, getting famous, almost famous, not very famous – but funny, genuinely funny – she can build herself a venue (her social media presence, whether it be her Facebook wall or her Insta, whatever) where she is the funny one – and men, specifically, are the people being laughed at.

I do think it is amazing that some white Lesebühnekollegen of mine, and I mean Kollegen, not Kolleg’innen, who have spent TWENTY years writing stories about fat women being stupid, or fat children being ugly, or women and children being loud and annoying in the U-Bahn, or women being silly, or women being nags, or children being snotty, like twenty years they have been doing this, are still so sensitive and empfindlich at any jokes whatsoever about white German men being dicks. It is AMAZING almost breathtakingly hypocritical. But it’s also super-interesting.

I also wonder about the whole #killallmen hashtags etc. I find them a bit provocative, I understand the rage but I do feel a bit scared of them. I’m not saying that I think this because a #killallwomen hashtag would be immoral. I think there’s a specific difference between men and women and that is that quite a few men – far too many – kill a lot of women – far, far too many. Therefore, a #killallmen hashtag is funny in a way a #killallwomen hashtag could never be – it’s funny because it’s true! But I do wonder if it’s more unhelpful than helpful? Although, having said this, I don’t believe that the oppressed need to be helpful all the time – and I do think women are oppressed by men. (Mad that this kind of statement is becoming controversial aber was soll’s.)

Okay, so let me know: am I doing too many podcasts? And has social media changed humour forever?


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