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Sauerländische Erzählungen.

Annette Hauschild berichtet Interessantes und Wissenswertes über Strafverfahren sowie Weiteres aus dem Feld der inneren und äußeren Sicherheit.

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(in advance: a) suella.braverman.mp@parliament.uk )

(in advance: b) Public.Enquiries@homeoffice.gov.uk )

PERSONALLY: The Rt Hon Suella Braverman MP,

Home Secretary / the Home Office,

2 Marsham St,

London SW1P 4DF

United Kingdom/Großbritannien


Ref.: Please save Julian Assange from extradition !

Dear Mrs. Bravermann,

We beg you as above.

1) Follow the good example of former MP Theresa May in 2012, who – backed by ex-MP Gordon Brown – stopped an extradition of the hacker Gary McKinnon to USA, by saying:

[This]…extradition would give rise to such a high risk of him ending his life that a decision to extradite would be incompatible with Mr McKinnon’s human rights.“

Her decision had no negative effects on the political foreign relations of UK towards the USA.

This situation is similar with Mr. Assange’s one: he announced many times, that he will die, if extradited to US.

Because: J.A. is mentally hurt, unstable + maybe suicidal: after a stroke 27-10-2021; through the long im prisonment in the embassy & in Belmarsh.

Furthermore: in case of extradition to US, Mr. Assange has to fear

a) death penalty there because of espionage act: all the same, if US-administration may have assured they won’t;

(ex-Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made clear on April 13, 2017: ‘Julian Assange has no First Amendment freedoms…He’s not a US citizen.’ )

b) otherwise – during long time in jail – factual death also, because the conditions in US-jails are murderous: esp. for him as public enemy No. 1.

2) Dear Mrs. Braverman: Follow the example of France’s mighty ex-President Charles de Gaulle: he proved long ago, that the Americans treat independent nations much better if they stand up to them than if they behave serviles resp. Submissive. – Similar acts the actual Biden-administration towards UK. => so don’t give Mr. Assange to them!

Because: while Mr. Assange lived in UK, he + Wikileaks only published uncomfortable facts on US, thus US-prosecutors accused him to be a spy and demand extradition. BUT after such an US-attack on free speech in UK: Are you still even an independent country, if you now allow extradition? The Americans would certainly not let you treat them in this way !

3) The whole law enforcement trial of US administration against Mr. Assange was and is not judical, but dominated by politics until today! Also obviously political was the character of the extradition court trial in UK, unfortunately. But: this is clearly banned under the UK-US Extradition Treaty !

Because: Different US administrations have taken opposite judical views. This proves clearly, that politics decide above all.

First, federal prosecutors of thbe Obama presidency (2009-2017) stopped – for legal reasons – to prosecute Mr. Assange nearly a decade ago. They concluded that charging him would have meant they would then have to prosecute any journalist who published information alleged to endanger national security (the so-called “New York Times-problem”). That would have violated the US constitution.  

But second, under the Trump presidency rule, the US policy turned around completely.. In April 2017, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions declared it to be a ‘priority’ now to arrest Mr Assange.

Mike Pompeo – as CIA director then – let Mr. Assange and his ca. 100 visitors in the ecuadorian embassy tout spy out with hidden videos cams all around the clock: at least between january 2017 to april 2018.

Furthermore, Mr. Pompeo + his CIA allegedly made plans to kitnap Mr. Assange out of this embassy and murder him.

Mr. Pompeo held long and ruthlessly excoriating denunciations on Mr. Assange.  If any British official or Minister of similar standing had made such statements about a person accused of a crime in a UK court, the trial would have to be stopped, because it had been hopelessly prejudiced. – But now the british extradition court completly ignored this and kept on ruling.


=> Dear Mrs. Braverman,

stay strong & proud for the UK: with a brave decision now.

Defend UK’s judical, constitutional and political principles from being undermined or disrupted.

Prevent your country from self-subjugating or being subjugated.

Defend the universal human rights also in this case from being torn &tattered, following changing political US-agendae.

Protect Mr. Assange’s live & health against severe damage and his personal rights against erosion.

PLEASE veto and contradict his extradition to USA and set him free soon !

Kind regards,


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