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Monarchie & Alltag

Neue Bands und wichtige Filme: „As long as the music’s loud enough, we won’t hear the world falling apart“.

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In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Musikblog White Tapes präsentieren wir einen vielversprechenden schottischen Singer/Songwriter auf Deutschlandtour: Luke Gareth Joyce aka I Build Collapsible Mountains stammt aus Edinburgh und wird seine Folksongs von Düsseldorf bis Berlin vorspielen. Bei einigen Konzerten (komplette Liste siehe weiter unten) wird der Eintritt sogar kostenlos sein.

* Your three favourite Punk singles/songs?

YouTube Preview Image

Rancid – time bomb
greenday – basketcase
Strange the butcher – sometimes

YouTube Preview Image

* A record that will make you dance?

YouTube Preview Image
Twilight Sad – Cold Days from the Birdhouse

* Your favourite song lyrics?

‚Time is never time at all, You can never ever leave without leaving a piece of youth‘

Smashing Pumpkins – Tonight tonight

* Billy Bragg or Bon Iver – and why?

Bon Iver – I have only seen Billy Bragg once, but when i did he had lots to say, and not much to play.

* Your favourite song by Pete Doherty?

I am not a fan, but if you put a gun to my head id have to say ‚cant stand me now‘.

* The best “new” artist / band right now?

Penguins Kill Polar Bears

YouTube Preview Image

They play the kind of music that made me fall in love with music in the first place. I am not saying they are dated or rehashing old fodder, its more the energy they induce into their records and live shows. Its a rare thing for me to watch a band and be jealous of every single member.

* Your favourite song about rebellion/revolution?

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Tricky – Black Steel

* The best song this year so far?

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Frightened Rabbit – state hospital

* Your favourite movie about music?


* The most overrated band/artist?

I dont really like bad mouthing other artists …. but i whole heartidly hate the words ‚beady‘ and ‚eye‘

* The best song you’ve ever written / recorded?

‚Slow approacher‘.

* Your favourite german song/record?

YouTube Preview Image
Rammstein – Du hast

* Your favourite record of all time?

Smashing Pumpkins – Melloncollie & the infinite sadness

YouTube Preview Image

Auf der Bühne, präsentiert von TAZ Popblog:
21. September 2012, Husum – Sebastian’s House (Wohnzimmerkonzert, Anmeldung unter – nur knapp 50 Plätze)
22. September 2012, Chemnitz – Arthur
23. September 2012, Berlin – The Intersoup
25. September 2012, Hamburg – Freundlich & Kompetent
26. September 2012, Lübeck – Tonfink
27. September 2012, Paderborn – Sputnik
29. September 2012, Düsseldorf – Kassette


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