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Detlef Berentzen, Ex-tazler, Autor für Funk und Print, verbreitet hier „News“ der anderen Art. Gute zum Beispiel. Macht die Welt hör-und lesbar.

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Stand es heute nicht sogar in der taz, gleich auf Seite Eins, weder polemisch noch sonstwie gemeint? Man darf durchaus am klaren Verstand des neuen US-Präsidenten (s. Foto) zweifeln! Und nebenbei, so ein berechtigter Zweifel wäre nicht neu. Schon im letzten Jahr hat es in den USA Debatten über Donald Trump und die bei ihm beispielhaft entwickelte Narzisstische Persönlichkeitsstörung (NPS) gegeben  – emotional schwer bedürftig, egomanisch strukturiert, extrem niedrige Toleranzschwelle, unfähig Kritik zu ertragen, cholerisch, nachtragend und doch beliebt bei allen Bedürftigen seiner Psychoklasse. Es kann also nicht falsch sein, wenn ein kundiger Zeithistoriker gleichzeitig auch noch versiert in Sachen Psychologie ist, ein „Psychohistoriker“ also – wie z.B. Ph.D. Jerrold Atlas. Auch Jerry musste staunen, wie willfährig das Trump-Team aus den wirren Lügen des neuen Präsidenten „alternative facts“ machte – Orwell’s „Big Brother“ dient den Dumpfbacken offensichtlich als Blaupause. (db)


What the hell is „alternative facts“? If what Spicer and Conway told had any facts, we can’t find them. What they said were lies!

We have seen a huuuuuuuge parade of lies. It leads us to doubt anything said. That’s not unfounded nor prejudiced – it’s what we’ve come to learn about them over the last year.

Indeed, everything he promises will be huge, enormous, better than ever before. He is „the greatest“ (in his own mind) because his narcissist’s mind requires him to be. His attacks on all he sees as „enemies“ result from that inner need to „hit back“.

He can’t stop himself. His diversions in the middle of discussing things show his need to say whatever his „irresistible urges“ demand of him. Usually, this centers on „biggest“/“best“. It is his need – it is also classic castration anxiety. His rally numbers are totally exaggerated (as were his exaggerated totals of those attending the inauguration). He hates those who correct his exaggerations. His staff knows to combat all who challenge Donnie’s numbers – these must be lies and they must be enemies.

Narcissist, „pussy grabber“, sexual assaulter, blusterer, liar – these Donnie negatives must be added to isolationist, America Firster, know-nothing, protectionist, against free trade, White Supremacist, confontational first, con man. I never quote anything in his books because they were ghost-written – nor do I believe he actually finished an MBA at Wharton.

Trump is incapable of focussing for 5 minutes, flies off to whatever is really on his mind, switches topics, lies. He has an absolute need to be seen as a „winner“ when he isn’t. He’s concerned with image and nonsense, can’t remain on topic. His audience was anywhere between 150-250,000, not the exaggerated millions. All of the sturm und drang represents his Narcissist needs not to be seen as weak.

He blames others to cover his inadequacies. He was totally inappropriate in his speech to the CIA. In a memorial hall before anonymous stars representing 117 agents killed in service, his remarks failed to show respect in that place. It’s what he has called his „irresistible urges“ – now that’s a mental and personality flaw.

He MUST „hit back“ at anyone contradicting him, even with evidence. That’s his natcissism and his flawed „Strict Father“ parenting – which most people have lived through in most of the world. Yes, childrearing is central to one’s life and ways of living/thinking. Trump’s base is the Third Party in the room all the time – he’s busy throwing them „red meat“ all the time. He’s a prisoner of his base.

Nothing what he says matters – only what he does. The Democrats are quickly learning to fight him in hearings and legislative votes.

So, I do hope you now see him for what he is and learn to ignore all his babbling. The dangers are in what he does. He is easy to anger and goes off topic to explode, double-down on his ka-ka [= scheisse] or find convenient scapegoats to explode upon (Mexicans, Muslims, Syrians, the press). He will be unpredictable, unreliable and praises that as „negotiating“. It’s the sort of soukh mentality of bargaining.

He is now a global burden – for that I simply apologize. Our failure in November’s election (influenced by Putin’s efforts to prevent Hillary from winning) has given all this burden. It will be like this for the next 4 years at least. There will be many „conflicts of interest“ because he measures success by how many business deals he can make – even while he is the POTUS (President Of The United States). It would be healthier if we ignored him – but one simply can’t do that to a POTUS.

Jerrold Atlas, Ph.D., Psychohistoriker, Vermont/USA

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