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Monarchie & Alltag

Neue Bands und wichtige Filme: „As long as the music’s loud enough, we won’t hear the world falling apart“.

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Pünktlich zu Ostern und kurz vor seinem Auftritt im Berliner Ramones-Museum legt unser liebster Whitetrashgaragecountrypunk Dan Sartain die zwei Tafeln mit den 14 Geboten auf die Heilige Lade des Popblogs:

1. Dan Sartain’s eyeballs are mostly white accept for a brown circle with a black center in the middle.

2. Dan Sartain wears between size 9 and 9 1/2 shoes.

3. Dan Sartain knows that a size nine shoe can still stomp a new mud-hole in your ass (should a new mud hole be needed).

4. Dan Sartain’s penis is erect when he wakes up EVERY morning.

5. Dan Sartain doesn’t exactly know what a Leninist is, however he considers himself a John Leninist.

6. Dan Sartain is a goddamn hero to boys and their dads.

7. Other than college football, Dan knows that the state of Alabama is a nearly worthless waste of land.

8. In Canada Dan fucking hates Tim Horton’s

9. Dan Sartain is a sexual virgin only on the back side.

10. Dan Sartain shoplifts toys from department stores even if he has money or not.

11. Dan Sartain once fired his publicist for thinking a failed suicide attempt was a great “press angle“.

12. Dan Sartain’s ex-publicist is currently seeking a job as a school teacher.

13. Dan’s favorite movie is ‚Christine‘.

14. Dan found out the hard way that love alone will not make your car fix it’s self, and seek revenge evil doers.


Dan Dates:
* ramonesmuseumgig berlin: 09.04 – 2000, pünktlich & akustisch
* albumrelease: 28.05
* singlerelease: 07.05 – atheist funeral (7″ / dl)

(Foto Credit: Cat Stevens, Nora Wong)


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