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Monarchie & Alltag

Neue Bands und wichtige Filme: „As long as the music’s loud enough, we won’t hear the world falling apart“.

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Das Noisey-Internetmagazin hat die “DJ Rich List” – also die Liste der 30 best bezahlten DJs – kommentiert.

Eric Prydz:

“If there’s one thing this list prove it’s that you can have one mega-hit and forge a successful DJ career until the end of your days. Everyone knows “Call On Me”, but really? Who’s going to see this guy in 2012? You might as well go and see DJ Otzi (who unjustly doesn’t feature in this list). Chief income: Looking at his recent discography, Eric seems to be the king of the major label B-side remix. He’s probably still getting mad dollar off out-of-touch music biz bods who think people still buy CD singles.”

Steve Aoki:

“The question is not who is Steve Aoki, but rather, what is Steve Aoki? He’s very much the Sean “Puffy” Coombs of DJing, a man whose talent lies not in actual talent, but self-publicity and an impressive lack of shame. He’s the LA Vicodin and gak crowd’s favorite DJ, dropping electro tunes everybody in Europe went off to in 2007 to Lindsay Lohan and girls who were in one American Pie film.”

DJ Tiesto:

“Who? Read that again, $65 million. I’m sorry to depress you, but a man who you probably wouldn’t recognize if you spent a week with him DJing in your living room is worth more than all of your favorite artists put together. But what do we know about him? Well, of course he’s Dutch (although he’s given himself a Spanish name); he flies a private jet, performs regularly in football stadiums and is married to a model. In terms of the talent to success ratio, he makes Robbie Williams look like Daniel Johnston.”

Der Vollständigkeit halber hier noch die Top 30 der Rich List:

#30: Afrojack Net Worth – $2 million
#29: Markus Schulz Net Worth – $2 million
#28: Darude Net Worth – $2.5 million
#27: Kaskade Net Worth – $3 million
#26: Martin Solveig Net Worth – $3 million
#25: Eric Prydz Net Worth – $4 million
#24: Swedish House Mafia Net Worth – $4 million each
#23: Gareth Emery Net Worth – $5 million
#22: Avicii Net Worth – $6 million
#21: Skrillex Net Worth – $8 million
#20: ATB aka Andre Tanneberger – $8 million
#19: Calvin Harris Net Worth – $10 million
#18: Deadmau5 Net Worth – $12 million
#17: Benny Benassi Net Worth – $14 million
#16: Carl Cox Net Worth – $15 million
#15: The Chemical Brothers Net Worth – $15 million
#14: Ferry Corsten Net Worth – $18 million
#13: Steve Aoki Net Worth – $20 million
#12: Fatboy Slim Net Worth – $22 million
#11: David Guetta Net Worth – $25 million
#10: Moby Net Worth $28 million
#9: Daft Punk Net Worth – $30 million each
#8: Pete Tong Net Worth – $30 million
#7: Judge Jules Net Worth – $40 million
#6: Sasha (DJ) Net Worth – $40 million
#5: Armin Van Buuren Net Worth – $40 million
#4: John Digweed Net Worth – $45 million
#3: Paul van Dyk Net Worth – $50 million
#2: Paul Oakenfold Net Worth – $55 million
#1: DJ Tiesto Net Worth – $65 million

“Jesus, in terms of superstars living on past glory, dance music gives classic rock a run for its money.”


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  • André Tanneberger alias ATB begleitet mich schon mein halbes Leben. Meine ersten Begegnungen mit elektronischer Musik war die von ATB. Auch heute noch bin ich dabei geblieben denn never change a super DJ könnte man sagen. Spaß beiseite, ich finde es genial wie er sich die Jahre treu geblieben ist. Ich hoffe das er noch viele Jahre lust auf Musik hat.

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