Schmähkritik (232): Dananananaykroyd über Bob Dylan

„I can’t stand the guy. If I wanted to listen to the sound of a cat strangled and dragged backwards through a hedge, then I’d buy a cat, strangle it and drag it backwards through a hedge. I’ve never understood how someone so predictable could be so revered. Dylan has somehow managed to fool the public and the world into believing he has talent. (…) Here’s the thing: Bob Dylan’s one of those artists that people who don’t really understand music think it’s cool to like. Real music fans would agree that Dylan isn’t all that but you get someone with casual interest in music and they think, „Oh yeah, I should be into Bob Dylan“. The fools.“

(Paul Carlin von der britischen Indieband Dananananaykroyd über Bob Dylan im NME)

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  3. er muss betrunken gewesen sein!

  4. Das sind so Indiescheitelboys, die stinklangweilges Geschraddel machen und die man getrost vergessen kann.

    Allein für einen Begriff wie „real music fans“ gehört dieser Hampelmann schon füsiliert.

  5. who is Dananananaykroyd and should i be interested in them?