Another Letter from Jerry (23)

„Trump? Ein US-Präsident in schwerer Bedrängnis, der den Krieg als Ausweg aus seiner Misere sucht! Allemal beraten von Speichelleckern“ (Jerrold Atlas)

Trump NEEDS to find an „enemy“ agreeing to war. How else can he go forward with his weak, blustering version of „war talk“? His problem: the enemy must seriously agree to go to war.

So far, only Kim has agreed to war…sort of. Maduro (Venezuela) simply said No! and seeks a meeting with Trump. Kim matches Trump bluster-by-bluster. The trouble with „Big Mouth Donnie Trump“ is that this enemy is a costly-to-be-attacked enemy because Kim threatens major destruction of Seoul (many millions will die). So „Big Mouth“ goes looking for other enemies (like Maduro).

Hey Donnie, you haven’t managed victory for any of the other wars we’re in so why do you need another!? Oh, I see, you need it to divert attention from your corruption, your businesses cooking their books, the 4 month profit of your DC SWAMP hotel ($2Mio), your „Russian Connection“ investigation, your violation of the emoluments clause, your smarmy team?

This is a besieged POTUS (President Of The United States) in search of a war.


Jerrold Atlas/US-Psychohistoriker

Illustration: Joern Schlund


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