vonDetlef Berentzen 22.12.2017

Dr. Feelgood

Detlef Berentzen, Ex-tazler, Autor für Funk und Print, verbreitet hier „News“ der anderen Art. Gute zum Beispiel. Macht die Welt hör-und lesbar.

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(Jerry hat die Agenda für nächstes Jahr bereits auf dem Schirm: Throw the bums out! – Trump und seine Dumpfbacken müssen endlich aus der US-Regierung verschwinden! Get involved! Doch zuvor braucht es noch „moments of joy“, um sich wenigstens ein paar Stunden von dem ganzen Trump-Disaster zu erholen. Happy Holidays!)

We sometimes forget this end-of-year holidayishness – wallowing in false joy, pretend affection and caring for others. Yet, within, our childhood imprints remind us of what it once was. A caring world is far better than Trumpian lies-bullying-bluster and turning all good things and safety nets into waste paper.

In Trumplandia, what’s up is down, truth become lies, good depends on your wealth and the tide of fear and hatred overwhelms. The GOPers have acted suicidally by granting bounteous wealth to the very rich paid for by us. Suicidally because their greed to reward their donors puts them out there as corrupt fools – now voters get their say and we screwed will do the only thing that can save us – throw the bums out.

Get involved. Join in the „people’s revenge“. Get rid of tbose bums who hurt us to further enrich the few very rich and corporations. They showed us how they’re against us, so get rid of them.
And do try to be happier, kinder to others. It’s that season. We deserve moments of joy again to take us away from the Trump disasters.

Jerrold Atlas, Psychohistoriker, Vermont, USA

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