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Jerrold Atlas setzt keine große Hoffnungen auf die Midterms. Der Tsunami, den die Demokraten versprochen haben, wird ausbleiben, die Nation ist komplett gespalten und Trump hat, will er seine Basis stabilisieren, keine andere Perspektive als genau so weiterzumachen: Endless lies. Dennoch gilt: Bloß nicht heulen! (db)


So do we believe in any polls these days? Like checking out animal entrails our human hearts in the long ago, these polls now seem to bend in the wind.

What is clear is that 48% support Trump, 49% doesn’t. No democratic tsunami? This has become a dead heat because the Democrats failed to deliver any clear messages. The US group remains locked in confusion – hate, fear, economy going nowhere, tariff wars, inflation being faught by the Fed, targeting the media as the „enemy of the people“, saying that Democrats are „socialists“ favoring open borders – all leave the group divided.

Lost in splashy false rhetoric, name calling, incitenent to see violence as a solution, Trump has carefully constructed his „Theater of the Absurd“ to arouse the fears-hatreds-rargeting of designated „enemies“. His alleged hold over 48% of voters makes him a voice for about half the voters.

Put differently, about half the voters want nothing to do with him.

The expected Democrats tsunami might fizzle as some seem to be shifting to not voting. If it doesn’t drift our return to Trump, his fantasy image as a leader may fade as quickly.
Some prefer to think that whining or seeking „play nice boys“ solutions will change Trump from the beast arousing anger in his base. Most know that he can’t roll that way. Trump’s determined to use endless lies to arouse his base to vote and keep control over Congress.



Jerrold Atlas, Psychohistoriker, lebt in New York und Vermont

Illustration: Joern Schlund, Münster


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