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Monarchie & Alltag

Neue Bands und wichtige Filme: „As long as the music’s loud enough, we won’t hear the world falling apart“.

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Ende April absolvierte der amerikanische Singer-Songwriter Benjy Ferree einige wenige Shows auf deutschem Boden. Was von Lande übrig blieb hier in seinem exklusiven Tourdiary für den Popblog:

hamburg, april, 28th, at michelle recordstore and molotow

my experience in hamburg was lovely.i met with my old friend jan and he took me to a record store.i played a few songs for a lovely small crowd. everyone was in deep thought looking at the door. i wondered what they were all thinking about. they seemed like peaceful thoughts and some chewed on the corner of their mouths.they had a huge assortment of treats in the backroom. carrots,coffee,chocolate,these odd chocolate covered balls in a box.they looked like buttons and the red head behind the cash register ate one.they were cream filled. then they gave me a bobby womack cd for a discount price!the coffee was amazing though.
later that night we played a show in a club.we got to eat some food with jan first though,and there were oil painted pin up girls all over the walls.the show was fun,sweaty,and small.we drank amazing beer and ate cheese and ham in the back room.then feather mills wrote „i love chris wilson“ on the bathroom wall next to some drawn dicks. good times.

berlin, april, 29th at magnet

the backstage in berlin had the best bread i’ve ever had. they also had those chocolate covered balls in a box{cream inside}. i took advantage of using butter instead of mayonaise the whole tour.i fell in love with a pre packaged sandwhich line called PAUSE VILLAGE. those words stood for joy the rest of the trip.
ate some bread, did a sound check and did an interview.it wasn’t really an interview though. i was handed cds and could only listen to two songs,then i was to give the artist a grade. it made me feel weird. i felt like all of the critics who don’t listen to the records in which they’re payed to judge. i hate that, so i asked if i could exclude a grade and he said yes.but there was one cd who should have gotten a bad grade for doing the best daniel johnson impersonation. he even forged a lisp. for originality a 0, for mimiciking perfectly a 10.
jonah,feather mills and i went to the holocaust memorial. tons of concrete. some graffiti on the concrete but you couldn’t understand what it said which made it all the more mysterious and rebellious.i hope it was someones „nick name“and only they could understand what it said.
the show was a blast because of this girl up front doing a „sex dance“. it made me wish that everyone in the u.s. of a. would loosen up a little and do this special „sex dance“. it was infectious and it made this older guy try it out to see what all the commotion was about. the only sad thing about berlin was that i didn’t get to see King Khan play a show.we missed that wonderful time unfortunately. the rest was gorgeous and special. there’s a good thing going on in berlin that can’t be described in a few sentences.
it’s special.
one word.

Benjy Ferree

* Album des Monats Januar: Leaving The Nest
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