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Monarchie & Alltag

Neue Bands und wichtige Filme: „As long as the music’s loud enough, we won’t hear the world falling apart“.

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Als eine der hoffnungsvollsten britischen Gitarrenbands hatte man sich die Maccabees vorgemerkt, als sie vor zwei Jahren ihr Debütalbum “Colour It In” veröffentlichten. Nun folgt dieser Tage Album Nummer Zwei und vor allem “No Kind Words” zeigt: das Warten hat sich gelohnt, wie auch Sonntag und Montag abend live auf der Bühne in Berlin & Hamburg beobachtet werden kann.Maccabees

Nun also die Maccabees über ihre Lieblingsplatten:

* Your three favourite Punk singles/songs?

1. Love Gets Dangerous – Billy Bragg
2. Something Must Break – Joy Division
3. Broken Face – Pixies

* A record that will make you dance?

I’m not much of a dancer to be fair, and even when I am moving it would take a great deal of genorosity to call it dancing! I can ruin David Bowie records with some ill judged shapes!

* Your favourite song by Pete Doherty?

“For Lovers” with Wolfman

* The best “new” band right now?

The band I have just started listening to is called “Here We Go Magic“. I’m not sure how new they are but they are new to me.

* …and which band should call it a day?

I think I would be pretty close to tearing off my ears if I had to hear the remix of that Elvis song, it amazing how a single song can ruin an entire summer. I would never tell anyone to call it a day though what would be the point in that? It’s much easier to just avoid stuff you dont want to hear!

* The best song this year so far?

I really like “Velvet” by The Big Pink

* The Beatles, Rolling Stones or The Kinks – which one do you prefer and why?

The Beatles have the most nostalgia for me – I only have to here the first syllable of “Help” and I’m back in the familly car with arguments flying round and the smell of an un-findable rotting apple core coming from somewhere. Brilliant.

* Your favourite songlyrics?

“and the facts of life
are not man and wife
but man and woman sadly”

Billy Bragg: “The myth of trust” (on the album “Brewing Up with Billy Bragg”)


Das zweite Album der Maccabees, “Wall of Arms”, wurde am 29. Mai 2009 veröffentlicht.

The Maccabees im Netz:
* MySpace
* Indiepedia

Auf der Bühne:
07. Jun. 2009 Magnet Club Berlin
08. Jun. 2009 Molotow Hamburg
06. Aug. 2009 Stadtpark with Maxïmo Park Hamburg, Hamburg
08. Aug. 2009 Taubertal Festival Germany Eisweise
15. Aug. 2009 Haldern Festival Rees-Haldern


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