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Monarchie & Alltag

Neue Bands und wichtige Filme: „As long as the music’s loud enough, we won’t hear the world falling apart“.

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Für gut 15 Jahre war Kristin Hersh in den 80er/90ern mit den Throwing Muses eine der zentralen Figuren des US-Indie-Rocks. Neben den Throwing Muses wandelt Hersh auf Solopfaden und veröffentlicht gerade ihr bereits elftes Solo-Album, das im Sound immer noch dem Ideal des 80ies Indierock verpflichtet ist und keine Altersmilde zeigt:

* Your three favourite Punk singles/songs?

** X “Motel Room in my Bed”
** Circle Jerks “Coup d’Etat”
** Mission of Burma “Mica”

* A record that will make you dance?

Chubby Checker’s “Chequered”

* Your favourite song lyrics?

“I took a sad envelope of seed from you/I just could never get something to take root/you never can tell about the growth shoot/I am crouched with a weak shovel and you are tending the mysterious tunnel”

– Vic Chesnutt, “Arthur Murray”

* The best “new” artist / band right now?

Tomorrow’s Tulips:
Unpretentious, hypnotic, sweet, low-fi neo-surf

* Your favourite song about rebellion/revolution?

“The Harder They Come” – Jimmy Cliff

* Your favourite song this year so far?

Fred Abong’s “Avalon”

* Your favourite movie about music?

Harold and Maude, as much about music as any documentary that tries to autopsy music and leaves it in pieces. Harold and Maude shows what a soundtrack really is: life stories.

* The best song you’ve ever written / recorded?

“Pneuma” by 50FootWave

* Your favourite german song/record?

“Deadlock” by Can

* Your favourite record of all time?

Of all time?? Haha….is there such a thing? Lemme think.

“Violent Femmes”: Their eponymous debut. Probably across the board, one of the most successful ventures in rawness; from the songwriting to the production, to the performances.

Das neue Album von Kristin Hersh ist gerade erschienen.


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