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Monarchie & Alltag

Neue Bands und wichtige Filme: „As long as the music’s loud enough, we won’t hear the world falling apart“.

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Wenn das Popblog schon die Duloks-Tour präsentiert, wollen wir doch auch wissen, wie es den drei Mädchen auf ihrer ersten größeren Deutschland-Tour auch gefallen hat. Teil Zwei beginnt übrigens dieser Tage:

*11.Nov.2008, Zum Teufel, Heidelberg
*12.Nov.2008, Café King, München
*13.Nov.2008, Hafen 2, Offenbach
*14.Nov.2008, Münster,
*15.Nov.2008, ARM, Kassel



We assembled at Dulok’s Berlin HQ – the house of supercool “agent to the stars” Maddin, and sorted our stuff out. The venue, ZMF was downstairs in a concrete bunker that was cold and eerie when we arrived.

Mar was excited because she met lots of Canadians backstage who knew the same people as her. The world is tiny and everyone seems to move to Berlin. Amina even met a German boy who could sing the ENTIRE Canadian national anthem which impressed Mar to no end. Mila – “other agent to the stars” – was snapping photos, Duloks buddies David and Lisa turned up and started drinking lots and Joe (aka Mar’s stalker) and our number one fan was in attendance. The German Star Trail Video was also previewed and the whole crew from the shoot came to support – so we felt like we were playing to all our buddies, was a nice feeling.

Not all Berliners are cool, some of the particularly, “my head is up my own arse” scenester types THREW AN ORANGE AT AMINA who is the tiniest Dulok and have made enemies with us Duloks for life…they oughta watch their backs if us Duloks find the culprits, we got coconuts to retaliate with!


Mira ducked out of crazy drunkeness to catch an early night in Maddin’s double bed (always grab the chance at a double bed on tour!!) but Amina and Mar continued to party into the night and imbibe MANY drinks…! It was a Berlin reunion and everyone from the show partied late into the night!

We were supposed to have a meeting with a record label after the show but as things normally seem to happen in Germany everything ran late. We went to White Trash after the show but everyone was so drunk no one seemed to know what the guy from the label looked like. Doh!


Everyone woke up in different places scattered around the city from the night before. This show was quite a quiet affair. The bar was situated in a large building which resembled something like a mansion house. Amina felt so comfortable she even fell asleep in the bar for a few hours! Mira and Mar suffered from the weird onion pasta they served and had frequent trips to the bathroom.

The crowd was so polite, they were so quiet at first that we couldn’t tell if they liked us and were silent, or hated us but were too polite to leave!! We were so unsure if they liked us or not that we cut the set short… but then they came to life and cheered and stamped and demanded we do an encore?!?!

We asked them “Are You Sure?” (We REALLY need to build on our confidence) and YES! they wanted us back, but they wanted a smoke break. Between band and audience we agreed ten minutes and we dispersed to the bar. After EXACTLY ten minutes, Mar was sat at the bar and a guy came up to her holding up his 10 fingers saying “It’s been 10 minutes! Get back on stage! We want more!” It was super cool 🙂

After the show we sold merch and met a girl who knew us and was English, it turned out that her sister Julia was a friend of Mira’s and she’d come on the strength of hearing “Help..! I’m Turning Into Mick Jagger!” – that song is powerful!!

We stayed in a gorgeous hostel with bunk beds. It was clean and cheerful and overlooked a graveyard that was very beautiful. After a particularly gross night staying in Halle with pubic hair in a box and five of us sleeping in a grotty room on the floor fully dressed to avoid contamination we appreciate the nice places to stay! This place was awesome. It even had a sci fi style eyeball spotlight that lit up when it detected movement. A lovely place to sleep ended the lovely show.



Hannover on arrival was quickly established as a dream venue…why? Well a few reasons, Felix the soundman was super happy because they had a great sound system and some knowlegeable tecchie people around the venue, Mira because they had Wifi internet and Tom, Mina and Mar celebrated the HUGE fridge in the cosy exclusive backstage that was full of alcohol and gorgeous juice mixers.

The owners of Café Glocksee greeted us with a huge array of refeshments and club regular (and local legend!) Ralf was kind enough to offer us all cosy and comfy beds for the night. We felt so well looked after!

Headliners Trend cancelled making us the lone band playing and our set being pushed back til 2AM! They made the best veggie food (potato lasagne – mmmm!) and we geeked out and watched Star Wars while we waited. Amina Dulok had NEVER seen a Star Wars movie before even though she’s in a band called The Duloks – so it was perfect.

Mila and Martin our secret agent team from Berlin came to guest DJ. After the gig Mar brought them drinks EVERY 10 minutes until they were ALL plastered. Mar Dulok drunk on her own normally is a handful, Mar Dulok + Amina Dulok drunk is DOUBLE TROUBLE!!! Felix the seasoned soundman said he was shocked at the drunken craziness, and he’s served jail time so believe me when I said they were hardcore partying! Hannover folks love to party too. What an explosive combination. Mar sexually harassed both Mila and Martin (Ooops – sorry guys!), met quite a few German boys and decided Hannover is even too crazy for her!

Mira, true to form decided it was all to much and went home early. Unfortunately the party followed her home with the band and a random German dude! Even the senior members of the Duloks tour group do not get to indulge in (much needed!) beauty sleep. The next day we woke up VERRRY slowly and were all pretty fragile with headaches and bleary eyes. Felix was in a VERY BAD MOOD and it took a singalong to Katy Perry driving at 200km/hr to cheer him up. We love Felix very much so we were pretty relieved when he smiled again.



This was the first time on tour we have EVER stayed in a hotel with a pool BUT we were so hung over and dead from Hannover Mar didn’t even get to swim. She obsessively brings her swimsuit everywhere on tour JUST in case there may be swimming opportunities.

We were all very softly spoken and quiet – we were Duloks in recovery and the gorgeous hotel helped in the recuperation. On our way to the venue Felix our driver seemed to get quite lost and got really obsessed with driving down one street back and forth trying to decide where the club was and dancing to cheesy pop tunes on the radio. This road is now our favourite stretch to cruise up and down in all of Germany.

The show was a sell out and full with very friendly supportive people! We sang some Guns’N’Roses for the 80 styles rockers who attended, and made friends with the crowd through the translation skills of a mysterious besuited guy who just called himself “Mr Pink”. After the show we sold tee shirts and hung out for a while, but we must have seemed like the quietest most polite girls in the whole world because we were still suffering from the night before’s antics.

Three tired partied out Duloks were grateful to get into their beds that night!



This was our final show day – a radio show for the famously eccentric Ken from Fritz FM. Mila and Maddin showed up to provide support and we played a fun but imperfect set. Ken was very strange but lovely and interviewed us. He got it into his head to call Mar’s ex boyfriend Alan, who didn’t answer. I think that this was probably a good thing!

We had a few hours before our flight so we ate in a restaurant on a boat. It was a very romantic location and wasted on our motley crew! Then we zoomed off to the airport to return to this Sceptred Isle…not for long tho…the Duloks would be back!!

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